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Dice Tha Felon
Dice Tha Felon
greenville, SC  USA
May 29, 2010
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i'm not cocky well maybe i am but i have a reason i make hot music and i'm confident in that i'v don many many shows i've been on cross country tours and i have had alot of positive feedback as well as constructive critism i support other up coming artist as much as i do myself i feel the problem is everybody is so busy trying to be herd that they don't sit back and listen my opinion on that is you a hatter no if's, and's, or but's about it you a hatter i don't just do one type of music i make music for everyone and so don't let the nane decieve you(Dice Tha Felon) listen to some of my tracks and then you can understand why i am the way i am we all gotta start somewhere right and through the grace of GOD as long as i wake up everyday is a brand new fresh start if i'm not one of ya favorites,friends,or you not a fan we really need to change that i go by the name Dice Tha Felon and i am the future download put me in ya car on the way to work or from work to the club and from the club sittin around the house need a new sound what ever it is you doing or got going on i bet i got a song for ya and if you a artist and looking for a collab even if you never herd me do the style/type of music genre you do and just holla best of talent to you all and let's do this remember everybody and i mean everybody loves music that right there proves we already got somthing in common if you cant be 100 wit ya self you can't be 100 wit anybody else
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i always do live music aything else is kareoakee, just being on stage and having a full audience glued to ya every movement is a wow crazy experience
Your musical influences
It would be eaiser to ask me what & who isn't an influence
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools of course had to step my game up
Anything else?
In order to be 100 With everybody else you gotta be 100 with ya self first
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