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Vince Vrbancic
Los Angeles, CA  USA
November 29, 2003
7,894 plays
Band/artist history
"Vinces music is more than just a song; Its a texture, an aural painting that takes you wherever you want it to. Instrumental progressive rock along the lines of RUSH, YES in stucture, and similar with Steve Vai, in the guitar work. I have been listening to Parallax, from his MP3.com site, and it is nothing short of incredible! The music as I write this, is taking my mind to new places. Im now listening to "Straw Castles", and I feel like Im being taken on a trip in a Heavy Metal (The Movie) type fantasy trip. All three of the tracks Ive listened to could be soundtracks to almost anything exciting. "Charlie Chan" is funky funky hard and jazzy with vocal cuts from Charlie Chan movies overdubbed and panned to make a fun, danceable, jammin tune. "Shift" is something that I can totally see myself listening to when Im skiing or skydiving! Its an adreneline packed, hard rockin, straight ahead progressive rock jam! "Nature" is another "New Age" song that could be compared with Kitaro. All of the songs Ive heard have been songs that Ill add to my "favorite ski CDs" list! I look forward to hearing more from Vince in the near future and am excited for the next creation from his mind. I highly recommend to give this gentleman a listen!" - Pat Ferris / Hotbands.com "Expressive,Well Crafted,Instrumental Progressive Rock. Backdrops Consist Of Sweeping Percussive And Bass Patterns,Which Guitar Intricately Weaves Its Friendly-Toned Leads Through The Songs Fabric." - Mike Cloward / Listen.com "Vince is a master composer. His intricate compositions explore many textures, moods, and feels. His playing varies as the song dictates, conveying excitement at points, and moody, reflective thinking at others. His guitar playing is top-notch and very sensitive to the composition. Vince's songs are exciting journeys--I highly recommend you check them out." -Jeffrey Ryan Smoots/21st Century Prog Radio "Vince Vrbancic - A truely original progressive rock guitarist. Vince lays down some of the most tasteful, and often mood provoking guitar. With the emphasis on great songs. If you enjoy great music as well as great guitar, check out Vince!" -Rockguitarists.com "What can I say? Vince Vrbancic is a consumate guitar wizard, with composing skills to match - his pieces are extremely well-designed, his execution is nearly flawless,and he performs with precision and grace that places him in a class by himself...Certainly downlaod material - not to mention CD purchase - A true master at his craft." - MarcAnthony Griffin /Angelfire.com
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