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Flesh N' Bonez
Flesh N' Bonez
6 Tracks
An expression of one's hate towards the world.
My name is Chew-Wee .B you can call me Chewy (Not like Jesus) This music is an expression of hostility towards the world, not to say I feel that way everyday, but I feel we all need a means to vent these negative emotions, rather then be consumed by them. We dont do this for money, We are actor, from several haunted house, along with the rest of us at Homicidal Child Productions, we consider ourselves a Horror themed production. Alot of the work from the early days was hip-hop, I tended to gravitate towards more east coast asks (Along with the rest of us at HC at the time) ICP, Twiztid, Eminem, Mobb Deep, Necro, Ill Bill... BTW. Most of these beats arn't ours, their just downloaded instrumentals... different styles trying different things... thats why you hear some linkin park, we sing, rap, we can scream, growl, high's, low's... but thats for another time... We are on Hiatus... We will be coming out with music eventually...
Band/artist history
We have 3 active members Chew-Wee .B Wicked Wigglez And a third, whom shall not be named at this time. We grew up together.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Strictly studio
Your musical influences
I listen to everything, but id have to say we're much more metal at heart, alot of rock, and hip-hop influence of course.
What equipment do you use?
No comment
Anything else?
Welcome to hell buttercup, hope you brought a towel because your either about to piss yourself, or puke... Either way, it'll be funny to us...
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