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Rachael Anne Kerwood
Rachael Anne Kerwood
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Rachael Kerwood and her guitar telling you whimsical tales of the strangers she meets and the places she visits. NEW ALBUM COMING SOON!
Hello! Welcome to the music page of Rachael Anne Kerwood. Coming from the depths of Northamptonshire in a tiny little village called Moreton Pinkney Rachael needed something to do. She turned to music and has since been performing and recording up and down the country. She has played with some very established artists like Ben Waters and Roland Chadwick. She also plays guitar in the band The Blue Squares. She is regularly gigging in Derby and can be found lingering around open mic nights waiting to jump in and give your ears something to feast on. Now living in Derby, Rachael has a summer full of gigs and an album release pending with brand new material telling you tales of Moreton Pinkney and all the strange folk she happens upon. Those who know Rachael know she has a knack for story telling and can't help but find the strangest character in the room wherever she may be! It definitely makes for some wildly funny lyrics and some whimsical tales of adventures and ale drinking! WATCH THIS SPACE - Album release date and launch gig date to be confirmed soon!!!!! We hope you like what you hear. Rachael is always looking for gigs and adventures and can be contacted on rachaelannekerwood@yahoo.com.
Band/artist history
Not really a history as such but I started playing guitar when I was 8, played in countless bands and performing on a lot of different instruments. I started writing for guitar and voice when I was about 13, particularly teenage angsty kind of stuff. I moved in Derby in 2006 to go to Uni after a very successful couple of years playing around my home town. I now perform over Derby and am writing continuously. I am writing another album at the minute, telling stories of my village and the strange people I have met whilst living in Derby.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live wherever anyone will have me but at the moment I am playing in and around Derby. I love it, there is always a different crowd of people to entertain and to talk to, that's my favourite bit and getting to watch whoever is on before or after you. Also free beer is ncie!
Your musical influences
I would say anyone that's a bit different and a bit quirky, I wouldn't say I sounded like anyone in particular. I am influences by everything and everyone around me.
What equipment do you use?
Logic Pro 7, Alesis Mixer, Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard, SM58, C414's, C1000's, Marshal AVT100, Fender Strat, Tanglewood Electro-Acoustic, Fender 12 String, M-Audio Fast Track Pro and other bits and bobs I can get my hands on. Or the Uni studios equiped with full Protools set up, C24 digital desks, Neve Analogue desks and a s*** load of mics!
Anything else?
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