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who knows what we are
DKU has already completed the pre-mastering stages of a debut project titled: Bad Luck & Break A Leg "You know, even if we didn't have much respect for the art, we still have respect for ourselves in each endeavor." Says Anthemous about the groups most unusual practices and self imposed rules, "We don't drink before the show, we rehearse twice a week, we commit ourselves to the performance. The only way to go when one needs to make a dent in apathetic Kansas." But make no mistake, there are no qualms about coming up in Kansas, the group treats it more like a challenge rather than an obstacle. And it has been fun so far. DKU doesn't sound quite like other bands anywhere... Topeka, in particular. "We know that people are unimpressed by local hip hop around here," says Anthemous, "We really aren't that cookie cutter follow the leader hip hop, where everything sounds the same." The group has been together for only 8 short months, but listening to them you couldn't tell, they fuse jazz, hip hop, blues, disco, electronica, live instruments, and rock to create the most edgy, risky, fresh sounding music to ever hit the state, and moreover, the region. "We really do surprise people, they don't know what to expect, you know, if they don't think we're all gangster-rap, then they think we're backpack hip hop, but this is an entirely different animal we're dealing with..."
Band/artist history
Crackin shit down since MAY 2010
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, hell yes. We've played so far about 6 shows in 3 cities in less than 4 months. And only 4 more months after our inception.
Your musical influences
A bunch of stuff, really
What equipment do you use?
Top Secret
Anything else?
Where will you be? When the earth stops...