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Home of Exclusive Sound & Art Production!
Welcome to The ACC, an Exclusive Sound & Art Production company housing exclusive producers The TEK, Dre P & Mr. 5:1 along with a complimentary range of diverse artists such as SPOT Lou, Dionne, Alexandria Baru, as well as The TEK & Dre P. As a major independent production platforms reigning over 8 years strong, Diamond Series & Malcom Tyler Production present the ACC, the official Armada Code Co. As the 1st exclusive production label rooted in the heart of St. Louis, MO, we proudly provide you with exclusive NON-STOP music & art production!
Band/artist history
Well, man... we go back like tube sox & King Vitamin. lol Pretty far back in the day, all of us. You can find bits of our 80's-90's origins scattered across our various in-site profiles. From The TEK aka G-Stylez extremely amatuer (S. Korean) Catch Ghost LP to Dre P's imfamous ghost tapes to the bounce back of SPOT Lou after taking ancient looses, we all pretty much tightened it all up. Now, we're releasing exclusive instrumentals, LIVE footage & exclusive records & entertainment programs across our site: . Periodically updated & evolved, we strategically consider the future wide open. Check out the family's last FREE mixtape contribution, or rather what some call "an extreme teaser": The COLDEST SEASON Mixtape V.1, just released over Spring Break 2010! SPOT Lou's What I Feel (WIF) freshman album drops June 21st for DSE.com's GRAND OPENING! Stay tuned and log on to home page to download all the free ringtones you can while they're FREEEEEEEEEEE! Then The TEK presents The REVOLT dropping 1st thing come 2011. Followed by the emaculate release of SPOT Lou's current ambitions, his 2nd round So St. Louis LP drops Summer 2011, bound to once again reinstate a new claim in the future of sound St. Louis metro area! Stay tuned on and subscribe for all the lattest released and promotions via twitter & facebook!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently SPOT Lou is performing his freshman LP What I Feel around the Lou along with occassional occurances from The TEK & Dre P. We love the live enviroments soo much, we try to recipicate that very experience in our records. Special momemts... seen plenty across us all, yet we're still waiting on that whopper... cuz we haven't thrown it yet!
Your musical influences
Man, we give it up to the REAL people in the industry who are using their opportunities to express life as it is here & now. Time stamping & trand setting, all we know best. Prodomenitly, we've been successfully cultivating our own influences as we continue this worldwind of independent production. We all feel extremely blessed to have made it this far & to have found unity & strength in our ambitions! Ain't nobody around us who ain't motivating the other.
What equipment do you use?
ahh... now we ain't stupid & we know ya'll got better equipment then us. Just pay attention to what we doin' cuz that's exactly what we do to the entire market place. Oh, to answer you Q: We use our hands. ha
Anything else?
*Much love to all of our family, diceased loved ones & our beloved supporters! Thank ya'll for the official support, we are doing this to cultivate a better environment for all of us, but we can only account for what we're doing so thank ya'll for all the motivation to make this bigger and better everytime we touch down. And the hate is just confirmation, relaxe, we thank ya'll too. ha Remember we GOT BEATZ GALORE! in the Beat Vault so log on to to get your fix on. -Much love & God bless, the ACC Joint Administration May 2010.
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