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Samuel Nye
Samuel Nye
7 Tracks
I am a simple guy with simple songs about life. All aspects. If you want a light, happy and heart-felt song, you'll find it here. If you want a sad emotional so
Just your average guy who loves to express emotions through song. If you don't like sad songs, listen to my happy songs. Don't like happy songs, listen to my dark songs or my angry songs. I like to think of my music as a sort of psychological experience, and so I try to cover all emotions. If you dont like the first song you hear, all I ask is keep listening. You'll probably find at least one song that you can connect to.
Band/artist history
When I was a child, my brother and my sister were very musical and I pursued other arts because I was the shy one who thought he'd never be able to sing. In ninth grade I started writing comedy songs, because I figured no one cared if your voice sucked balls as long as you were funny, and slowly that began to improve my voice. I was the lead in a musical that year, which forced me to sing in front of people, and it basically confirmed my belief that I sucked, so I started focusing harder on just being a guitarist. High school changed all that. There was actually a small demand for my comedy performances, and I began to love singing for people. My drama teacher Brad Allen saw something in my voice that I did not, and so I was convinced to do my first Yanka Bash. After that, he continually encouraged me to use more of my voice, and after finding out I was a poet, he insisted that I try my hand at something besides silly comedy songs (even though he encouraged those too.) My first truely serious song was Where Did the Laughter Go? and from then on I was hooked on the feeling of expressing myself through song. Within three or four months of that song, I had recorded my debut album Lonely Road. Here I am, a few years later, and I love nothing more than I love singing. I love watching people watch me, I love hearing their thoughts on my songs, and I love the satisfaction when someone is truely touched by one of my songs. I hope to go to Texas next year and play in the South by Southwest festival, but thats a dream for now. If ya live in Texas, keep an eye out next spring.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing Live, and do it as much as this lil lumber town can accomodate. I play the Yanka Bash every year at the Rose Theatre, I play some tuesdays with Mark Baratta at Charley's Barbeque, and as soon as I can actually make it on the list early enough, I'll be playing at the Jersey Lilly. If anyone has venues to suggest, please do.
Your musical influences
My brother and my sister for sure, and people who really try to do something different, like Luka Bloom from Ireland, Kaki King who is only years older than me and already the best musician in the world, Tyler of Insomniac Folklore who made me see that one guy and his guitar could entertain a whole crowd, acoustic poets of the sixties and seventies like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and the Mamas and the Papas, the Beatles. Also, believe it or not, I once took a lot of influence from metal bands like Metallica, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, and more. Also Ben Sollee, Andy McKee, Amos Lee, and for sure the intoxicating voice of Amy Lee. I'll add more as they come to me, but that should do for now.
What equipment do you use?
I use a thin body electric acoustic by Kona, the same type of guitar I've played for years. I use an old seventies Yamaha tube driven amp into which I simply plug my mixer with my Peavey microphone and my guitar. Other than that, just my hand and my voice.
Anything else?
I love suggestions and constructive criticism. Feel free to message me with any comments, or to suggest material for a song. Also, if your a booker for venues and need someone cheap and energetic, know that I just love to play for people, paid or not. If its a long distance from Roseburg, OR I may need SOME pay, but I'm really not in it for the money. I've certainly put more money into my music than I've earned. I have two CDS available for sale, Lonely Road (2007) and Bridge Under the Water (2010) just ask to be sent it. Thank you all for even coming to check out my page. Any song listen is appreciated. All my songs are available for download, so feel free. Its FREE!
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