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Project Tee
Project Tee
13 Tracks
Ole Skool soul music for the masses!This is what we do.Putting music back in Music
Project Tee are Toby Webb and Tony Tillman.They are from The USA and have played on shows with some of the biggest names in the business.They dont write to a formula,they write songs they like saying"If I like it,then somebody else out there will like it!
Band/artist history
The band started in 1986 with the birth of Syndicate.A cover band that played R+B in Vancouver,Canada.After that project disbanded We formed a cover band called Contagious,which also wrote some original material.In 1994 We formed Groove Central/O.S.SOle Skool soldiers.This was a cover and original band in one.Groove being the cover part and O.S.S the original part!We did one CD in 1996 with a small indie label entitled O.S.S In Da House.After a brief tour we disbanded that project,even though we still play together from time to time and write together as well.Id always want to do a project with myself,Keith Taylor,and Tony Tillman.In 2009 I found the time between contracts with my cover band Da Remix to start writting some song.At first for a solo Cd people had been asking for.Then I though I should take this time to Finish what I started with Project Tee.I hate leaving things half finished.So that how we got to this latest Cd/
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play anywhere and everywhere we can.Weve played all over the world From India,Japan,China,Hong kong,France and Germany!We love performing live more than recording.Its that instant reaction from the crowd and how you can make them move that we like!
Your musical influences
Frankie Beverly and Maze,Gap Band,Larry Graham,Boosty Collins,Earth Wind and Fire,Cameo,The Barkays,Slave,Mint Condition,DAngelo,Black street,Dazz Band,Confunkshun,Pleasure,Level 42,Parliment Funkadelic
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha TRB 6PII,Lakland DJ custom 5,Status-Graphite Stealth 6,Roscoe SKB 3006,F-Bass BNF 6,Fender Deluxe Jazz 5 Basses.Eden bass amps,Sennhiser wireless systemsFor Basses and Vocals.Boss GT-6B,Line 6 bass pod xt live,Boss GT 10B,Boss VE-20 effects.Macbook Pro 17" for mobile recording,iMac 24" for home studio!
Anything else?
God created The Earth!Man created Countries!
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