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mason binion
mason binion
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the best rapper you never heard with the most style you ever saw
Mason Da C.O.L.D. P.I.M.P. a young rapper/producer/actor/ceo/hustler from washington dc born on February 14, 1990 to parents Gailya Wright and Marvin Binion. Always intersted in art since a kid begining with drawing young mason always had a unique way of lookinig at things. In the fourth grade he rapped in front his entire school a song about continents. His mother always encouraged him to express himself which he learned to do very well and when his father wasnt incarcerated he made sure that confidence was instilled in his son along with giving him everything in the world that he wanted. Mason grew up back and forth between parents with totally opposite financial situations a struggling hard working mother and a very wealthy father. Seeing all kinds of walks of life since an early age makes Mason a very well rounded individual who can fit on the block and still be able to contribute intellectual thoughts in abusiness setting. He gets his businee mind from his father who always ran his own tax service. His mother is a very spiritual women who taught her son to always put god first which comes out in his raps. Mason brings someting very rare to the game with his honest and originality be on look out for this hungry young artist
Band/artist history
i been writing since like 5 years old i started off copying down lyrics from the radio then i would switch them up a little by adding my own words. A year later my father got incarcerated and i gave up writing for a while until 98 when my sister passed away from an asthma attack her death gave me a whole new outlook on life it showed me that no matter how much you love somebody they will eventually die on you and leave you alone. That blow struck my family really hard and made me wish that we could switch places. I became very anti-social and started expressing myself through writing again. I kept my raps secret for several years then ended up stopping again after falling in love with basketball. During high school i got caught up in the wrong crowd started smoking and hanging and eventually dropped out essentially ruining my chances of a scholarship. A friend of mine had been recording for some time and invited me to the studio and got me back into writing again. While recording my demo my father was convicted and sentenced to five years separating us yet again a month later my so was born. With a new mouth to feed and no diploma i started selling drugs heavily until another friend of mine convinced me to take my raps seriously and i have been going hard ever since.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
as of right now im doing a lot of underground performances on the open mic scene
Your musical influences
bob marley,michael jackson,prince,usher,tupac, nas, biggie, eminem,eazy-e,master p, backyard,ucb,lupe,tabi bonney,B.E.,tokeseastwood,dinerosucio,deangelo redmann LIFE EXPERIECES
What equipment do you use?
protools garageband audacity*
Anything else?
the best rapper you never heard of with the most style you ever saw
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