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dj adum (letter U with an umlaut) - started creating songs in 2001 after attending the London College of Music in Ealing, Uk. worked with early / glitchy cubase, found fruity loops in the back of computer music magazine. i was doing midi sequencing with samples at the time, this seemed like the logical step. almost 10 years later, recorded and mixed over 800 songs. i like to call them "dittys," because most of them are incomplete, excerpts of melodies of songs that i enjoy in the electronic / dance world. in the process of never getting a song "right," i think i ended up creating some interesting "in-the-style-of" songs that can be enjoyed. After London, went back to Hawaii, where i spun a night called "Euro-Trash" at the Pink Cadillac bar in Waikiki from 2004-2006 until the club closed. Pretty much a self indulgent throwback to the club tunes from the l8 90's to the early 2000s, mixing mostly bubblegum pop / dance and boring an otherwise jaded / gothic & 80s crowd. u'd think, after moving to Los Angeles in 2007 i'd do something with my music? i spend more time pursing it in hawaii, where there is no market for techno. along the way, i've composed some interesting reggae / dancehall, electronica sounding stuff which was heavily influenced by my "island-living." always thinking of ways to incorporate my acoustic guitar / reggae background into things that im doing with my electronica, though, they never seem to fit right. as of now, i seem to be refining my ear to recreate songs as closely as possible, in-a-sense, dooming myself to be a cover dj. i have however recorded some acoustic cover songs with my brother as the singer for a demo, which will hopefully get me back in the live-situation gigs that i used to do before perusing my electronica stuff
Band/artist history
"DJ Adumb," "dj adum" - self employed DJ. Electronica / Dance Music / Reggae / Hawaiian. (2005-present) "POP" - classic rock cover band. Bass Player / Lead Singer. 5 years (2004-2009) Equipment: Carvin R1000 & 8x10 bass cab. "C.G.H." - Heavy Metal 6 piece band. Bass Player (2003) Equipment: Carvin R1000 & 4x10 bass cab. "ECLECTIC" - Guitar Player and Lead Singer. (1996-1999). Equipment: Carvin 50w guitar half-stack. Sound Engineer - Consultant and Engineer running PA and mixing sound at live music shows for The Pink Cadillac bar, Waikiki, Hawaii. (2003-2006) Equipment: CARVIN dual 15s, 24ch mixer & JBL sound equipment.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
dj adum - aus den Pink Cadillac bar in Waikiki. (retired)
Your musical influences
My favorite music is reggae but i also enjoy punk rock, classic rock and euro techno. Favorite bands include: NoFx, Goldfinger, Bloodhound Gang, Lit, Blink182, Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Damien Marley, Slightly Stoopid, Bad Religion, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Reel Big Fish, Alpha Blondy, Green Day, New Radicals, Social Distortion, Face2Face, Wheatus, ATC, Aqua, Scooter, Stephen Lynch, Richard Cheese, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton, Bela Fleck, Mike Stern, Johnny Lang, Yngwie and SuBLime.
What equipment do you use?
what havent i used? i like mostly fender because its so versatile. favorite bass amp: carvin r1000 with an 8x10, that thing rocks. for guitars, any fender strat. but, my main guitar is my fender tele as of now cause i haven't shipped my 8 remaining guitars over to LA. never a fan of my les pauls, so i got rid of them. right now for dj equipment ive got a pair of dual 10's with an 800w pyle 6channel amp. hercules mp3 dj for my lame mixes and live recording. the zoom s2t and the zoom g21.u for recording guitar trax to cubase. fruity loops and samples for sequencing. edirols ma-10a's for monitoring. last but not least, my galveston, $99 thinline acoustic special with lite fender electric strings. also dabbled in the roland guitar midi conversion products. its overwhelming what they can do, but when youre not inspired to create, its like owning a broken television...
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