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Just me expressing the darker side of life and how no matter what I will prevail! Free EP. 7 tracks with a couple of desktop backgrounds. If you like it spre
Music = Life. That's what I live by and I show this within my music. My music is my life, for my music reflects events in my life. Some are personal struggles, triumphs, or things that connect me to other individuals like yourself. Things ranging from bullying, suicide, drug addiction, revenge, relationships, or songs about overcoming something. This isn't "normal" hip hop. This isn't the "club banging", "in your face", "hit a muthafuka" type stuff. This isn't "emo" music. This is reality at it's finest. This is the life we all live and learn to enjoy. Let's face it.........life, sometimes, is a BuzzKill
Band/artist history
My history is in my music. Listen to it, get the idea, then ask the questions.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah I've played live and I'll continue to do so in the future. I've played in two talent shows and a bitches backyard. My one and only "favorite" moment of playing live is at one talent show in '05 I got a standing ovation after performing my song "Wake up Dead". I love playing live. Being on stage is a drug.
Your musical influences
I have lots of musical influences. I really don't really have a select few that influence me cuz I get influenced every day by different bands/artists I listen to. If I had to choose some who paved the way then it would have to be: Insane clown posse Twiztid Tech Nine Prozak Atmosphere Eyedea Aesop Rock Cage Jedi Mind Tricks AOTP Immortal Technique DZK Diabolic Mission: INFECT Sage Francis There's tons more I could name but I'll stop there.
What equipment do you use?
A mic and Audacity.
Anything else?
Yeah, we got some BIG plans coming to you in the next few months so be on the look out!
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