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Electronic sounds of intelligent, hard, deep, and soulful, Acid-house, Ambient, and rock songs
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I Want Your Acid
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You Found Me Crucethus Deep in the Fens Remix
Crucethus is an electronic project of Stylish sounds and funky rythyms. Trance, House, Electronica, Deep progresive synths and guitar sounds. Steve Walther writes and records all the songs, but also has collaborated with some great independent artists. Thanks to the Internet I have been able to reach out beyond the US and Canada into the world to hear new ideas.
Band/artist history
Started recording in april of 1999.Created 30 songs to make this 10 song Album.And then it just got out of control--On Photonic I wanted to create a true dance album, on Forever I wanted to be intelligent with the synths. And Chroma is the synthesis of the first 3 albums!! Most Recently Reflections was released with the most serious sounds yet released by Crucethus. Now In the Studio as of January 2003 work begins on a new Project about the human condition, working title is "Pain". I have Also Released a remaster of an outtake from the Forever sessions called Desire. This is a retro sounding tune and I left it off of Forever as it did not seem to fit the album, however I always liked the tune and vowed to release it someday--so here it is, Enjoy!!As of NOw all the songs are ready for the Album Ovium, with 5 more slated for release. All the Artwork is done as well for the album, only the Manufacturing process remains. Group Members: Steve Walther:Synths, Vocals, Guitar sounds, Drum Programming,Design and Graphic Layouts, Sequencing and Marketing and Business decisions--Whew I Do Alot don't I!! Instruments Korg Ms2000, Yamaha Rm1x, Djx, Psr320, Casio Ht700,Korg Electribe EA,Kaos Pad, Sony Mdmx.Arturia's Storm1.5, Sound Forge 6.0,Korg Microkorg. Korg Soft Synths Albums Deconstructing Disco, Photonic,Forever, Chroma,Reflections,Pain Press Reviews Always looking towards the UK, This American born artist took an interest in synths in the late eighties, has now released, some very interesting material. The Songs range from heart pounding House, to euphoria inducing trance, to mind teasing jazzstep, to sexy soul ala Peter Gabriel, or Bryan Ferry. Deconstructing Disco is the album and has been released on mp3.com. The Big single so far has been Torture Box. We look foward to hearing the future from this artist. 12/23/01:--As the head of Crucethus put it, Fill the tub, light the candles, pour the wine, well you know the rest :-) Hmmm.. Sounds a little mushy to us, so lets go with the more cold, calculated strains that the Land of Phrygia is known for: Enter here a world where sounds promote the promise of the divinities to splash upon your head the splendor of blessed peace. Slow and easy grooves from Crucethus are nothing more than a mere feat of Imagineering. This tightly rhythmic piece brings about the scents of early Roxy Music, minus the vox of the incredible Brian Ferry, yet it happens to sustain a simple form of delight that actually puts us in the precarious position of stating, âœYeah, a good wine, and a bath that WOULD do, under these circumstances. Crucethus pulls together some lightly vocoded synths throughout the piece that snap it into a position of sublime artistry, and the backbeat is simple, yet flourishing not vacant. Be forewarned, we here in the Land of Phrygia suffer from a severe sense of immobility when bending to different genres, so in Crucethus defense, we would have to suggest this track, Momentum, and Love Touch Mine as the better tracks available. (Thank U Integrated Arts) Additional Info Recorded at Kane Studios--1999-2003
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not played live for many years. I did find it very exciting.
Your musical influences
Roxy Music (Bryan Ferry), Jam & Lewis, Sly & Robbie, Human League, Peter Rauhofer, Paul Van Dyk, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Tiesto, Gouryella, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Prince, Madonna, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Heaven 17, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Sasha & Digweed, Queen, INXS, Ultravox, ELP, Deep Purple, Bach. Bran Van 3000. The Killers
What equipment do you use?
Korg MS2000, Korg Microkorg,Korg Ea-1 electribe,Yamaha RM-1x, Yamaha PSR 420-fed into a Roland ME-30 Guitar Processor, Korg Kaoss Pad 2 Mixer, Native Intstruments Reaktor, Rebirth, Arturia Storm, Acid 4, and Sound Forge. Korg Trinity
Anything else?
Keep on Downloading, and I will Keep on making Music For U.....;-) Also Check out www.rachelnusbaumer.com, we have been doing some amazing work together. Angelus, and Frenetic.
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