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Ambient electronica, chillout dance beats, ethereal vocals or occasionally harp. Feel free to livestream/record any of these in internet church services.
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O Thou who at thy Eucharist (ambient mix)
This was originally written as a backing track for a remix of "O thou who at thy Eucharisti didst pray" (Gibbons Song 1), but I think it also works as a piece in its own right.
Love is His Word (instrumental)
An instrumental backing that you can sing the song 'Love is his Word' on top of.
And Can it be (instrumental backing)
A backing track for the hymn 'And can it be'
Jesu grant me this I pray
A radical remix of an ancient public domain hymn crying for a safe space to hide from the stess of the city.
Love is come again
A bassy version of the Easter hynm based on the carol "Noel Nouvelet" with some new lyrics too.
Abbess was the composer in residence for the Visions creative multimedia collective and church service in York from 1991-2010. She then went to work for Leeds Minster before moving South to Winchester Cathedral. Now she is working for the Transcendence Trust. A few years ago she added some free downloads of settings of ancient songs used in the mornng prayer liturgy. Abbess' music ranges from classically influenced chill-out pieces through trip hop to departures into the land of techno. Feel free to use the mixes and/or words in a non-profit church service situation, and let her know if they liked it!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to play live more or less every week, at Visions, our multimedia, multi-sensory worship experience. Whilst I was in Winchester I was privileged to be able to sing the liturgy with the most incredible world-class choir. They taught me a lot about performance and how to look after your voice. They were also amazing people to work with and we got to sing for huge crowds at Christmas, Easter and other special events. Yes, I do enjoy performing, but generally in a worship situation! There have been some amazing moments, when artists and musicians work together as one and create something very special.
Your musical influences
I'm into ambience, Ibiza style chillout, ethereal strings and vocals, trippy trance. Artists I'm most like would probably be.... Orbital, Moby when he's being ambient, Chicane, Enigma and anything on Ibiza chillout albums.
What equipment do you use?
The older tracks use Yamaha's CS1X,DX100 and TX7, Korg 05/RW, Roland R8M, Emu ESI32 sampler, Cubase VST, and a Novation bass station. The more recent tracks use a Mac, Garage band and soft synths such as Atmosphere as well.
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