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Scruffy Eagle
Scruffy Eagle
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It's just me, folks. Me, my instrutments, and my omnipresent muse. Blues, jazz, rock, country - any mix which fits is what I do.
My music is an adventure of spirit - frequently, my freely-given gift to those I find myself with.
Band/artist history
Not much to say, yet. Still emerging from the shell I've spent so many years rolling around in. I'm gradually making a stash of recordings, of various songs I've made through the years. I'm filing them into "collections" named: "Ex-Father's Lament", "Havva Slice - Uh, Life", "Beat My Nick", and "Scruffy Remakes". At some point, I'll be making full CD's available, as given collections hit critical mass.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I play live. I love it! It's usually at the LVD Casino, sitting in with bands. Re. special moments - it's always a special moment, when it happens.
Your musical influences
I guess my biggest musical influences would be The Beatles, followed closely by Neil Young, and a whole slew of Motown artists. Add a cascade of multitudinous other influences from a wide variety of musical genres, and you get idea of what's influenced my musical development.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever the moment & my current partner(s) need the most - which, usually, is just me, my wonderful hands, that big old slinky thing (guitar), and those 2 pounding rhytmic accessories (bongos).
Anything else?
I think it's either a gross oversight or a political cop-out maneuver, that virtually all the software & services around don't allow or include "Protest" as an option when entering musical genre. There are several songs I've done, which would fall into that category - IF it wasn't being suppressed.
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