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KP Knowledge is Power
KP Knowledge is Power
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4 UK Hip-Hop, dubstep and conscious Hip-Hop, kev the poet aka KP the Hip-Hop Bard. For fans of Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West, Eminem, Portishead, Public Enemy, rainb
Also known as Kapes, the Redeye Jedi, the Subculture Sithlord, the Lyrical Ninja, Mr Elocution, KP Nuts and 'Kev the Poet, The Hip-Hop Bard'! He was writing poetry before he started writing rap lyrics at eleven years old, he has been performing Hip-Hop since he was 16. A 'culture chameleon' performing at festivals, night clubs and squat parties. He feels even more at home in sacred stone circles like Stonehenge (or preferably Avebury) than in your average Hip-Hop club but he still raves with the best of them, records club bangers and spits philosophical verses. Already known in the underground UK Hip-Hop scene as Knowledge is Power, for his poetry he recently dropped the alias Knowledge is Power stating that "knowledge is subjective and power is not necessarily desirable." KP is not your average rapper, he's a taoist poet with a passion for philosophy, spirituality, Earth Ascension and comedy. He strives to be an inspired inspiration and strives to embody the spirit of creativity.! A wicked flow and hilarious yet insightful lyrics, this is real hip-hop with a sense of humour. Early Eminem meets Jadakiss, Cypress Hill meets Public Enemy, or Redman meets Kanye West with a definite hint of early Snoop? The fact that this rapper has a degree in English and Philosophy probably has alot of influence on his rapping style. But the fact that Magic Mushrooms grew all over campus probably had even more influence! He spent years incorporating different aspects of his favourite MCs styles until he found flows that suited him most. He can rap about philosophical or political subjects then spit the sickest skunk and insomnia induced rhymes in more rhyming patterns than most MCs believe exist! He is also known for his down-to-earth poetry. Inspired by Taoism, Mayan Philosophy and Hippies. If you like these tunes check out my mate on http://www.soundclick.com/synchronize for the phattest Drum & Bass and Hip-Hop instrumentals on planet earth. Also check out the most creative UK Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass crew at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/1/thehighjinksandcaperssociety.htm THC is the active ingredient...
Band/artist history
Started writing lyrics before his teens in the early nineties, starting with poetry and moving to Hip-Hop after being inspired by Public Enemy, De La Soul, Run DMC, and N.W.A. From the mid-nineties he started to perform at house parties MCing over instrumentals and making a name for himself by being deep for 16 bars and getting silly for the next verse. Spitting with the likes of Yun-Gun aka Essa and Jargon of the MI-5 crew. He was still at school, he would do houseparties with a local MC Ricochet (of Universal Soldiers) unaware that Ricochet would push him to take it seriously. From the mid-late '90s he was bouncing round open mic sessions and by 2000 he had produced two demos. Now Ricochet, with Ultra is one half of Universal Soldiers, London's answer to the Ghost and Rae, one-two punch. A couple of top-shotters with mics and superb multisyllabic flows. They only get great reviews. A.H. Fly who produced both of KPs demos produced both Uni Sols Street Veterans E.P.s. Now he performs poetry, creates Hip-Hop and produces Jungle.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
KP :) used to MC to Hip-hop and Drum & Bass at 'Monkee' every month in Stoke on Trent but has returned to 'the manor', London to host 'Below the Belt' club nights. The launch night boasted a live PA by Yungun aka Essa and Itch FMs DJ Penfold! KP alsio hosts Dub Malarkey, a night of Trip-Hop, reggae and poetry. Check out www.belowthebelt.bravehost.com for events.
Your musical influences
He cites his influences as Public Enemy, Task Force, A Tribe Called Quest, Jimi Hedrix, Radiohead, De La Soul, Massive Attack, Run D.M.C., Gangstarr, Wu-tang, Nirvana, Gravediggaz, Big Pun, Redman, Universal Soldiers, Skinnyman, William Blake, the list is endless.
What equipment do you use?
Sonic Foundry Acid, two Technics 1200s, lots of obscure records, one microphone, and a big bag of Kryptonite.
Anything else?
An English rapper with a degree in English and Philosophy and an obsession with politics, sprituality and hip-hop. One Love to the Rainbow Tribe and the Galactic Federation. "Power rests on the kind of knowledge one holds. What is the sense of knowing things that are useless?" From 'The Teachings of Don Juan', Carlos Casteneda.
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