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Shatterbone is a heavy metal band with influences from Anthrax, Sevendust, Stuck Mojo, and Pantera to name a few.
Welcome to the madness that is Shatterbone! We are a 4 piece metal band from Northwest Iowa. The band members are: Jackson "Big Unit" Roos - Lead vocals, guitars, Eldon "Big E" Fisher - lead guitars, Steve "Z-Man" Zittritch - Bass guitars, vocals, Jason "P-Nut" Bork - Drums. We are 95% origional material, however we do jam some Pantera, Slayer, and Six Feet Under, as well as a suprise Kiss or Anthrax tune every now and then.
Band/artist history
A few of the members of Shatterbone origionally worked togather in a different local act. The first band was going nowhere, too many people with too many habits, preoccupations, and self-centered issues. Well, P-Nut quit, and several months later, the band self destructed. Durring the decline of the band, I called P-nut and asked him if he'd like to start a side project. Nothing serious, just a jam type of thing. He said "sure!" so we started jamming back in July of 2002 on the weekends when the other band wasn't busy (which was nearly every one). Eventually, the other band broke up, and so P-nut and I started focusing on Shatterbone full time, looking for a bassist, writing origional material, etc. With several months of "Cooling off time" after the break up of our other band, Rob decided to join Shatterbone in March of 2003. We started working our butts off. We had 10 songs written, learned, and ready to record in a matter of weeks. We went into the studio and recorded our cd, which took us about 3 weekend sessions, in April and May. After that, it was straight out to the road, doing gigs all over. We finally got up the funds to release our first cd on Halloween 2003. We have done more and more shows in Minneapolis since then, making quite a name for ourselves. We also had a lineup change, as Rob was no longer able to play bass for us, we brought in Z-man. We released our second cd, Sledge, in October 2004. We continue to play out as much as possible.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live consistantly. We love being out on the road, hitting new venues, meeting new bands and new people. We've played several places in Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota, as well as Des Moines, Cedar Falls, Spencer, Marcus, and Sheldon Iowa. I'd have to say that as far as most memorable show is concerned, thus far I think all the members of the band would agree it is always the Marcus shows. Nothing is quite as impressive as a whole crowd of high school kids who are ravenous for metal going nuts in the pit for you. Total chaos is the only way to describe it. The mosh pit goes on all damn night! Another special moment was when we opened for Metalblade recording artists Six Feet Under.
Your musical influences
Well, each one of us would name many different musical influences. Our idols are so vast, they vary from 311 to Slayer to In Flames. I'd say that our sound is mostly inspired by Anthrax, Damageplan, Black Label Society, and Pantera.
What equipment do you use?
Big Unit: 6 and 7 string Jackson Kelly guitars, 6 string Washburn Dime Stealth, Krank Krankenstein guitar amp, Shure mics, Boss effects. Big E: Jackson 6 string dinky, Yamaha Pacifica 6 string, Schecter Omen 7 string, Bogner Uberschall amps and Genz-Benz cabinets. Z-Man: Ibanez Soundgear 4 and 5 string basses, Ampeg bass amps, Shure mics P-Nut: Pearl Drums, Premier drums, Axis drum pedals, Zildjan cymbals, Vic Firth 5A sticks.
Anything else?
We would like to use this spot to thank all the crazy fukks who've helped us get here, who've guest appeared with us, written material with us, roadied for us, worked for us, booked shows for us, done shows with us, let us crash at their houses, screamed themselves hoarse and wrecked their necks live for us, and have been our brothers and sisters thru the whole damn crazy ride, up or down. We love you all and hope to see you all for many years to come.
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