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"Just a Dj that talks with his hands".
Blow it out your ass cuts
"REAL DJs TALKS WITH THIER HANDS" Looking at the history of Hip Hop we can bare witness to the essential role that the DJ has played. It is of no coincidence that DeeJay Gemini, with his arsenal of: two turntables, a mixer, and a microphone, has held down the high standards of what a true DJ and turntablist is. Born to Puerto Rican lineage a young, Gemini, got his start as a teenager in the early 90s growing up in New York City's Lower East Side. Learning the basics from his Uncle William Cuadrado and childhood friend DJ Al Smooth, Gemini worked tirelessly to hone in on acquiring the skills necessary to become, not only, a respected but skilled and versatile DJ and has been rocking the decks ever since. Influenced by legendary DJs Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, Tony Touch and Spinbad he brings that classic New York City party rock style with a unique West Coast twist while showcasing an arsenal of advanced turntablist skills. DeeJay Gemini, with the initials of Disc Jockey spelled out as a testament and respect to the old school, has held down the one's and two's for over a decade. While serving as the DJ for renown live acts such as Bishop Lamont (Aftermath/Diocese) to true school legends, K Solo, Canibus, Special ED, West Coast legend Kurupt, Sicc the Born, to up and coming artist Foci, Gemini provides the much needed musical support, strategic planning, and proper execution for those same artists he chooses to work with. When not on stage providing the most vital component in the world of Hip Hop, the a skills of a tried and tested DJ, Gemini is out and about fulfilling his role as partner of 626 Entertainment Studios and managing and dj'ing events in his local area, the San Gabriel Valley, also known as the SGV. It is rare that someone with such immense skill could be such a humble and genuine individual in what is arguably one of the shadiest industries one can choose to work in, but due to Gemini's consistent dedication and work ethic he sees failure as no option. With a true love for the art form Gemini has taken the nay sayers out of the equation and not only proved them wrong but is steadily building an empire of his own. Coming off of win's from years 2010, 2011, 2012 for Urban Underground Performer and best DJ, the future is very bright for DeeJay Gemini.
Band/artist history
Go to my website at www.deejaygemini.com to know my history.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Any and every where im needed. Rude Dogs in Old town Covina, Bsideshow. Theres always a special moment when I spin.
Your musical influences
Turntablelist, beat junkes, Mix Master Mike, Jazzy Jeff, Qbert etc...
What equipment do you use?
Technics, Rane, Mac, Abelton, Vegas, Reasons, B52 speakers
Anything else?
Yes, Keep God First and live a bless life!