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Celticburn were formed on the 9th of Dec, 2005. The name "Celticburn" was the name of a tall ship built on the clyde. Ronnie, -the one on the left in the pi
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Braes O Yarrow
Shake Loose The Border
Shake Loose Border
Celticburn were formed on the 9th of Dec, 2005. The name "Celticburn" was the name of a tall ship built on the clyde. Ronnie, -the one on the left in the picture- asked Colin if he would like to record his music as he thought it would be worth doing. (he was obviously impressed). Colin readily agrees to this, as the saying goes,(never look a gifthorse in the mouth) as Ronnie has his own recording studio. It was very evident from the beginning that Colins style of music is different from Ronnies as he was raised on folk bands like the corries, the fureys, the dubliners, and it took a wee while for Colin to blend with Ronnie. Both of them were determined however,as they saw the bigger picture and after a nights recording together, Colin would take away a CDR copy and listen to it all week in his car going to work. When they met up again Ronnie was sometimes pleasantly surprised to hear Colins approval on his musical arrangements.(but not allways) the face said it all, im sure you know what i mean. That said, Ronnie and Colin do hope you enjoy listening to exerts from there first album entitled, "Shake loose the Border". The album can be purchased on the other website called Bandvillage.com/celticburn or on CDbaby.com. Colin was born in Edinburgh and brought up in the borders of Scotland. In fact all over the borders, that's the way his mum and dad did things back then as farm workers, if they (fell oot wie the fermer) it was up sticks and were aff never mind the bairns. Colin picked up the guitar when he was fifteen and was promptly told to put it down again as his mother said it sounded like a cats chorus at night-time. He decided to head for the bedroom and came oot after learning three cords and the song Ba Ba Black sheep. (Give me a break It was appropriate, I lived on the farm ) Up and running now he progressed from learning the Beatles to John Denver and then to Scottish folk music, and has loved it ever since following that famous Scottish folk duo the corries. (He has now added a forth chord to his list but cant remember what its called) When you listen to Colins style of music and lyrics it's very clear to see where his heart lies. He loves to compose and sing love songs and ballads with deep meaning and feeling. In the past he has played at clubs from Newcastle, the borders, Edinburgh and sometimes in country pubs where there was a strong smell of leeks, unions, and other fine country fare. (The beer was good too.) Those early days were spent with his brother Alex on guitar with a great folky voice and a long time friend called Davie Sinton who is a very fine mandolin player. The band was called "Gypsy Folk". Last but not least, my twin brother Walter who sadly passed away Jan 23rd 2006, acted as roadie and equipment humper. I wonder how many people will remember them today. If you happen to pass by the site and do remember us then drop me a line, it would be nice to hear from you. Colin's instruments are mainly the nylon string guitar normal tuning, and steel string in open tuning. He also plays the mandolin, Bouzouki, and moothie. (He also played truant when at school and was always getting a skelp from his mum, usually for some sort of nonsense both he and Walter got up to, and sometimes his wee sister Sandra. Ronnie was born in Edinburgh, and moved to Kilmarnock,Ayrshire when he was a boy. Ronnie is a free lance music teacher with his own business called Perthshire music school. He also has his own recording studio in Perth, with a record label called Castledean Records. Ronnie previously performed with a band called Cutty Sark with a style so different than what he's doing now, but interesting nonetheless. Ronnie is an accomplished musician having been trained to diploma level on classical guitar. He can also play bass guitar, the accordion, keyboards or strings as some like to call them, the borrann, and has recently acquired a mandolin for himself and is enjoying this new found love. (Is there no end to this mans talents) Anyway that's enough about him.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
HAlls in hotels, Folk clubs, Old folks homes, Town Halls, Anybody thats interested in listening, and of course my home
Your musical influences
The Corries,
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