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Balsa Racers
Balsa Racers
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Balsa Racers is Oscar Laun and anybody else who happens to be at G.O.Recording Studio. But primarily Oscar.
Words Have Weight
Balsa Racers is my solo project. It originally was called "Dewey Wins", but the litigiousness of the Chicago SunTimes (not with my band but with a band in the same name genre called "Dewey Defeats Truman") and the break-up of the band put that name to rest. Balsa Racers is currently a one man studio operation and solo acoustic performance. I do not try to stay within one genre, tho the songs end up being "crafted pop" and less "jam".
Band/artist history
It's always been a solo project. A 'Demos 3.1' CD was released via the trunk-of-car selling method in 1998. Since then many songs have written and finally compiled to a first 'real'(ish) CD called "Entangle Mental". A second release is in the writing and recording stage.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live, generally in coffee shops, though I do sit in with other bands on drums and percussion (mostly).
Your musical influences
I grew up listening to classic R'n'B, folk music, and big band music on AM radio (even tho FM rock stations were readily available). I love the arrangements and voices. Then I got into The Beatles, The Police, Paul Simon, and modern rock.
What equipment do you use?
I record using SONAR Producer via MOTU 24I/O using Mackie and Presonus pre-amps. POD, Tama, Pearl, Fender G&L, Custom-retrofit Fender (with Guitarheads pickups), M-Audio, Roland, and really anything else I can get my hands on. Including using a fork and knife for a nicely tuned triangle sound.
Anything else?
Did I mention my blog at http://blog.balsaracers.com ?
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