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More than beats,... its music
Michael Jackson - Beat It (DeuceTheMusic remix)
In an era of mediocrity, the next generation of listener is looking for something new and exciting, mixed with the soul of games predecessors. Enter Christopher "DeuceTheMusic" Drayton II. Born in Silver Spring, MD, and raised throughout the DMV, Deuce grew up an avid music listener. As a child, his mother, Sharon, provided him with various styles of music including funk, R&B, Jazz/Blues, latin, and Reggae. She constantly had music playing in her home, everything from The Isley Brothers to the Mendes Brothers. His father, Christopher Sr, introduced him to hip/hop, teaching Deuce about the cores, the MC, the DJ, the Break Dancer, and the Artist. At the age of 15, Deuce bought 2 turntables and a mixer, borrowed some speakers and an old amp and begin straching records together, recording his mixes on an old tape deck. At 19, while away at college Deuce got his hands on fruity loops and began making beats for fun. Soon his brother Cino, who had been rapping for since his childhood, recognized Deuce's talent and convinced him to start taking it seriously. Armed with the sounds of the world, an ear for composition, and the eagerness to work hard and learn his craft, DeuceTheMusic is out to change the world, one beat at a time
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The DMV,... where else?
What equipment do you use?
M-Audio KeyStudio Midi Controller, Fl Studio 9 XXL