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Rico Maatre
Chicago, IL  USA
January 23, 2010
450 plays
With his saxophone bandit approach, kind of like stealing from a jazzy style and giving to this new age music era, comes a voice like now other. Fine-tuned through the bell of his instrument, Performer/Composer/Producer/Saxophonist Rico Maatre has been perfecting his god given talent for twenty years thus far. Born in Chicago, a city known for some of the industry’s great artist, this rising star captivates his audience with his unique sound as he sets the stage on fire each time he performs. Starting his journey as a musician at the young age of seven, his passion for music expanded throughout many genres. As a young talented boy, whose ears acquired a taste for Jazz and Oldies music, was always told he had an old soul. Since the age of fourteen, this award-winning musician has taken place in numerous music competitions, concerts and festivals. After graduating from one of Chicago’s Top Performing Arts Schools, Rico Maatre went on to join the United States Army. With only few gigs here and there, his call of duty to his country caused a short pause in his music journey. After the military, he rekindled that flame for music. In the studio countless hours a day, this young musician has set high goals of getting his music out for the world to hear. Listening to his relaxing sounds, you can hear his love for R&B, Oldies, Hip Hop and most of all Jazz. The impression left by these styles of music proves why Smooth Jazz fits him so well and also why collaborations with Hip Hop, and R&B artist are at such a high demand. Within his energetic stage presence, Rico Maatre sets the tone with what he likes to call his Saxy & Sasha (soprano & tenor saxophone). Through his unique angle and stand-alone style, this saxophonist makes music for all ages of people to enjoy. After years of hard work and determination, Rico Maatre has become the extraordinary musician you now hear today
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Perfoming Live at venues in Chicago and surrounding areas.
Your musical influences
There are two concepts that i am really influenced by. "Music Is Art" and Living In the Moment". Positioning yourself mentally in your creation will help paint a more vivid picture of what the final draft should express. I could go on and on with all the people that infuence me but i think these concepts really motivate my creative side the most.
What equipment do you use?
Soprano and Tenor Saxophone.
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