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Dean Clark Hall (US)
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16 Tracks
"Tho' I love writing songs I consider myself a composer. Cut my teeth on orchestration when I was a copyist for Manilow. Country influence holds sway right now.
Brisa Primaveral
Peak position #48
Slap Me Happy (All the Time)
Peak position #6
Samba d'Espana
Peak position #1
Peak position #1
Brisa Primaveral
DEAN CLARK HALL In 1974 after studying music at Fullerton College and Cal State Fullerton became a member of Canadian showman Dick Caldwell's show group as singer/instrumentalist. Toured United States and Canada extensively. Returned to California in 1976 free-lancing as an instrumentalist /singer and band leader. Worked as a staff copyist for Barry Manilow. Sang three seasons with the Orange County Master Chorale under Dr. Maurice Allard, appearing with the Glendale symphony under Carmen Dragon. In 1981 formed nightclub act "Gina, Dean & Scoundrel", touring North America for 5 years including Nevada and Atlantic City, recording album and single. With Cynthia Caldwell in 1988 composed and arranged the theme song "Make it Happen" for the state of W. Virginia Cerebral Palsy Telethon "Miracle '88". For eleven years acted as Music Director for Dick Caldwell's annual "Klondike Days" show at RCAF 700 Wing, Edmonton, Alberta. Also did arranging for Caldwell's appearances on Canadian television. Worked behind comedians Rodney Dangerfield, Gallagher, Williams & Ree. Television credits include Canadian variety program "Spotlight", "Miracle '88 with Shelly West", "The Love Boat" (with own group), "Donny & Marie" (with Spike Jones, Jr.). In 1989 formed the duo "Dean & Richard" working L.A. area and cruising the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Trans-Atlantic. Duo has performed corporate conventions throughout N.A. In 2004 headlined his own act on Holland America ships Veendam and Ryndam to Mexico, Central America. Performed seven yrs. with "Dean & Richard" at Dear John's Steakhouse in Culver City, Ca. Monthly appearances include Hilton Universal City and Culver City Elks Lodge. Original music available at most online retailers. YouTube channel at Dean Clark (D.C.) Hall. "Dean & Richard" are on Facebook.com/deanandrichard. Mr. Hall has been seen performing in movies "Hidalgo", "Bounce", "Old School", "Man on the Moon", "The Independent". Affiliations: AFofM (Local 47), BMI, Screen Actors' Guild
Band/artist history
"Both a couple old horn players who knew they had to pick up other things to keep working. Grateful we've been able to play a great variety of music all these years; keeps us interested as we hope it does the audience. Our main selling point is that we sing. We stayed union (also BMI) and for years questioned why. Wound up being pensioned and receive royalties thru 'BMI Live'. Sometimes it pays to pursue the paperwork."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"I play with my duo partner Richard Dennis. We've been a duo for over 35 years. We played weekends at a classic, historic steakhouse called Dear John's in Culver City, Ca. Founded with seed money from Sinatra it was a well known watering hole for the neighborhood and we were a good fit for seven years. The owner, Maria Vazquez, believes in "live" music and consented to a specific union contract (AFofM) that enabled us to contribute to our own pension. Plus, the joint was BMI licensed and through "BMI Live" we were able to be paid royalties on our original tunes. We now do twice a month at a private club around the corner that we started playing in 1994."
Your musical influences
"Anything that's good."
What equipment do you use?
"Not much right now. My duo partner and I are in a very small club. We use a Gigrac powered PA running two small JBLs. They have nice short throw of bass, so we hear it but most of the diners don't. We use two TC Helicon Harmonizers triggered by synths. Synths are all Roland of various ancient vintage. We both play horns, mostly muted, but can open up at end of night. iPad runs all sequenced stuff."
Anything else?
"Stay true to the muse and she will be true to you! PLZ check out the following to a recent article on the duo in the AFofM "International Musician". Happy reading!" http://im.afm.org/doc/AFM_IM/afmimapril2013/2013032501/?key=da5e3a32e52a0d5cc130d2b453db2b43#22
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