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Phathom - HipHop Artist
Intro - Poetical Minded
Lets Go - Poetical Minded
Peak in sub-genre #36
Critically Acclaimed - Poetical Minded
First Blood - Poetical Minded
Threes Company - Poetical Minded
Phathom, emcee and producer. Thriving on beats and rhythms' the birth of his existance into hiphop took place circa 1997/1998. He emerged onto the scene as a bboy, mastering the art of bboying, he then embarked on the other elements of the culture that would breathe life into the creative juices in the depths of his mind. Sitting in the back of a high school english class, he was then introduced to one of the illest emcees in hiphop, Canibus. He heard the vivid rhyme schemes and wicked punchlines that Canibus spit circa 1998/1999, and this sparked the flame inside of who we now know as Phathom. He started off similar to many artists, writting rhymes in the comfort and privacy of his own room, dibble and dabbling on the internet on various message boards ( b-boys.com, canibus-central.com etc ) creating a name for himself. He then took it a step further, his local radio station in Seattle, KUBE93 had a segment entitled Roll Call. This was a time frame where local artist were alotted time to call in and freestyle about any given topic. Competitions were held as well as Battles, this is where Phathom started earning his stripes. Becoming a regular on the program, he then kept climbing up the ladder by doing in studio freestyles, interviews and battles. Becoming a legend on KUBE93's Roll Call, he then moved on to the lab where his musical background would soon shine. Practically living in the lab, working on songs day in and day out, working with various producers locally and others based on the internet Phathom started putting out songs and records. Phathom has been ranked number 2 on soundclick.com as well as number 11 on iuma.com. He has appeared on KEXP 90.3 as a instudio guest doing a interview along with a blazing freestyle. He has also appeared on UW's the Rainy Dawg, Philly's Toxic Radio, Kansas'Jiggy Jaguar show, Kentuckys' Grave Yard Shift, Millwakee's Freak Street, 100.7 The Beat in Croatia, CKTP 95.7 in Canada, 103.9 in Bakersville CA, and ConspiracyUK Radio After working with various producers, he started producing his own material, using anything he could to make beats on, keyboards to computer based programs Phathom became one of the most heavy hitting producers on the come up. Phathom is a producer for WannaBattle Elite, a production company branched off of WannaBattle Records. Some of the clients include MTV, EA Sports, ESPN, Bluetorch and Freeze Sports.WBE also does extensive work with G-Unit, Killah Priest, Main-Flow, Donte, Planet Asia and Black Thought.
Band/artist history
Phathom graced tracks with some of HipHop's illest emcees, such as: Chino XL, Crooked I, Canibus, MainFlow, etc. He has also worked with The Pharcyde, Freestyle from the Arsonist, One Be Lo and Pack FM.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As time passed, he was fortunate to perform at a multitude of locations. Here are just a few of the shows Phathom has done: The Showbox, Aristocrats, Club Premiere, Best value Inn, Import Revolution @ Tacoma Dome, Import Motion @ Seahawks Expo Center, Vespers Lounge, Larry's NightClub, The Rainbow, Club Standard, Wild Waves w/Kube93, Club Atlantis, Import Life @ Sandpoint Naval Base, Import Life @ Portland Expo Center, Import Fest @ Vancouver Convention Center, Hot Import Nights @ Seattle Seahawks Convention Center, The HipHop 101 television show, Emerald Queen Casino, Unsigned Hype 05', also a special performance for Russel Simmons himself.
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