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Tony DeLecce
Tony DeLecce
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Fans of Beatles, Badfinger, Fogelberg, Moody Blues, Raspberries and other Retro Classic rock.
Is it worth the fight
Today #14 in Alternative
Standing Alone in the Rain 2020
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Fly me to the moon
Today #58 in Pop
Nowhere Man
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Here Comes the Sun
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I am a fan of the Beatles, Fogelberg, Raspberries, Badfinger, Moody Blues, solo Beatles, Eagles. Any music that has solid vocals, good harmonies and a hook! I also am developing a fascination with old jazz standards. I am self taught on everything I play which explains my limitations. LOL! Up until a few years ago I was all accoustic all the time and did very little recording on an old 4 trak. I had written a lot of songs over the years on my accoustic most of those are not here as I started using the computer to record and wanting a more electric sound so out came an electric guitar, then I wanted a beat so the cheap drum machine came next, then I needed a bottom so the cheap bass was bought, then my drums sucked so I needed loops. Then I wanted some strings/sax so my keyboard was bought. Well you know the drill the more you get the more you want and songs that took 3 hours now take 3 days. And so my one man 6th grade band was born. I have put samples of the music I have written here on this website. I use drum loops and all other instruments are live Course you probably can tell that, LOL). Anyway as Harry Chapin's Mr. Tanner would say music is my life not my livelihood. I have met some great artists on SC and continue to hear great artists on SC. Click on the stations link to find Soundclick Radio stations where my music is playing. My music playing on these stations has been a pleasant surprise as these stations are filled with great musicians. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with some very good musicians here on SC. My brother Jim, Svenni Bjorgvins, Juri Rosenfeld, Johnny Proctor, His Masters Choice, DeAnn Sanders, Dawn Sinclair and most recently Dawn Diamond. I am very grateful to all these artists for helping me to have more fun than should be allowed for free. Writing/recording/producing music I find to be very rewarding. I am learning so much everyday about every facet. The exposure to so many great musicians has really helped me evolve as well. Well if you are still awake thanks for coming by. Other SoundClick Artists I recommend: Click on their links to hear some great music! Jim DeLecce my very talented brother Great Musician and great help to me in too many ways to count. For excellent Mastering services please visit Dave at FatnSassy Mastering: SVENNI BJORGVINS: Very Talented/Great guitar/bass/drums player. Excellent song writing skills/good friend and my first sound Click collaboration on Through the Years. Now a new collaboration on Something to Believe. Listen to Svenni play. Juri Rosenfeld AKA: Grand Jury A fellow Beatlemaniac who does a very nice job of producing very nice beatlesque pop melodies DeAnn Sanders - Great vocalist and nice person listen to her by clicking here. Then ask yourself why isn't this on CMT? Lynn Carey Saylor - Great Musician, great songs and since I am an old die hard Queen Fan, believe it or not Brian May is playing Lead guitar on this young lady's song called If We Believe for all you fellow Queen fans you gotta Check it out. Well for Country Fans you gotta hear the Tailgators: Great musicians and funny guys: My Statistics: INVALID -- Start of StatCounter Code -- INVALID -- type="text/java!--" language="java!--" var sc_project=497271; var sc_partition=3; INVALID -- End of StatCounter Code --
Band/artist history
LONG! I am old. Although my One Man band is only about 4-5 years as I was all accoustic all the time for most of my life.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes it is hard to tell.
Your musical influences
Beatles, Classic Rock, Accoustic Rock, I enjoy listening to the old standards. But if it wasnt for John and Paul I would not be writing this now.
What equipment do you use?
New 2016: Taylor 810CE Accoustic New 2007: MARTIN D35 I love this guitar! All new 2006 : Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, Fender Mexican Fat Strat, Breedlove D25/SM, G&L Legacy 2000 Bass, Yamaha DGX660 keyboard. Acoustic only on You got it all by the Breedlove the rest are Aria Accoustic, SG Clone Electric, Yamaha Keyboard, Sonar studio with a Soundblaster Audigy 24 bit car and new line6 Toneport UX1. I use TRACKS for final mastering. NEWSFLASH new equipment not on any recorded tracks yet: Breedlove D25/SM electric/Accoustic love it might be the best guitar on the planet for the price. NEW!!!! New 1/2008 a Presonus Firepod for recording retires the toneport and can be heard on With the Leader of the Band. So far I am very pleased with the sound quality on the presonus and it was a breeze to install. Beware however of onboard firewire ports on Dells. So finally some decent equipment. And of course still have my old Aria Accoustic and SG Clone electric which is what you are mostly hearing on my tracks.
Anything else?
I am a one man band and the good news is my band will never break up. The bad news is my band will never break up.
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