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Dope Flow Kemo
Dope Flow Kemo
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I'm a Ugandan recording artist. Bringing a Ugandan style of music to the world and to the global music game
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I'm a 29 year old, Ugandan Hiphop artist. Bringing a Ugandan style of flava to the world and to the hiphop game. I hail from a clique named U.F.O (i.e Uganda's Funk Fly Ones) the beginners of the UG Crunk and Ug Fu style in East Africa. We are amongst a unique group of musician set to make hip hop form UG take the world by storm. As beat makers, producers and performers. This profile is to present work from me, Dope Flow Ke'Mo and my peeps. If you are looking for dope beats and good music, you will find some of that here. You can drop by too to make comments or just to talk Holla at me!
Band/artist history
Who is DOPE FLOW Ke'Mo? Well, Kampala native Dope Flow Ke'mo does not remember a time when music and entertaining was not part of his life. In fact, hes been at it for ages. From a young child staging impromptu performances for family and friends in the family living room, with either his 4 elder sisters or friends, to later wing dancing and rapping competition in school, Dope Flow Ke'Mos dream of musical stardom is slowly but surely being. Growing up in an African family, Dope Flow Ke'Mo expressed his desire to be on stage from an early age. He credits his determination to pursue this to the full support of his family. While his parents never pushed him they have always been there, while his sisters, who all love music too, are a source of constant inspiration musically. Dope Flow Ke'Mos musical tastes are vast, loving classic rock legends like Queen & Elton John, Pop Legends like George Michael, Madonna. & Michael Jackson, R&B maestros like R. Kelly and The Isley Brothers to hip-hop impresarios like Timbaland, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. All these have inspired him to be a musician capable of composing music from any genre. But he found his niche mainly in rap. A thing he says he was introduced to by his high school buddy Sadjiwa Odallah. Dope Flow Ke'Mo always had been considered a little entertainer as his desire for dancing began garnering attention. His penchant for dancing & rhyme was evident and he gave his first public performance in sixth grade, at International School of Tanganyika, Lower School, kicking Vanilla Ice rhymes for class mates during at his class teaches request. Later on, his rhyme skill came to the fore in his high school years, as he hang with Sadjiwa (who he credits as his mentor) and members for a school rap group named No Name. During this time he was influenced by the gangster rap era of Ice T, N.W.A, the late TuPac and the Dogg Pound Gangstaz and Snoop Dogg. Dope Flow Ke'Mo later won his first rap competition, aged 16 at St Marys College, Kisubi, in Uganda, being crowned Prince of Soul for his free style performance on the classic RUN DMC track Down with the King. He was soon was performing at pubs and clubs. Mainly, just for fun, till he met his God Father to be Reverand Leland Merz, of Nova Scotia Canada, who introduced him to the art of making his own beats. As Dope Flow Ke'Mo practiced his beat making skills, via listening to such producers as Quincy Jones, Timbaland, Dr Dre and even pop acts like The artful Dodger. Ke'Mo in this time also developed his song writing skills. Gaining inspiration from prolific song writers like MJ, Alanis Morissete George Michael & Baby Face. This all culminated in a determination to try and make it as a music artist and producer. . This led him to enlist the help of good friend Esta Jjemba to put together the Track Imagine. Which Ke'Mo wrote and composed under his 2PHAT Entertainment label,. co producing the track with Producer Dennis of Debate Records, Uganda. This was in 2007. Dope Flow Ke'Mo is an approachable, shy but talented individual. With a never say die attitude and optimistic outlook on life. He says he wants to make music that can touch people, mainly make them feel good then possibly inspire them. He is currently in the process of making some tracks with his good friend and fellow up coming artist LeXo of RX records Uganda. Tracks they hope will be their ticket to international fame. he is currently in the process of promoting his first music video and laying the ground work for his first official CD. While oversee the establishment of his own rap crew. U.F.O (Uganda's Funky-fly Ones) working in collaboration with Groove Street. (GST: Babayaga Kayno and Hasso)
Your musical influences
People like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Timbaland and Eminem.
What equipment do you use?
Studio equipment
Anything else?
Member and co. founder of clique U.F.O and Baabo Baabo
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