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Kronik J
Kronik J
42 Tracks
Music is my life. It's what i do. I been rapping since 2008, and producing since 2005, and just now from perfecting etc. becoming known in the hiphop game. Be r
Kronik J started making music when he was 4 years old. Music has always been his favorite past time and passion since being a small child learning how to make music with just a synthesizer. When he was 13 he picked up a guitar, and began to learn guitar but abandoned it for other instruments until he decided he wanted to become a DJ. Around the age of 14 during high school, he started to make remixes and mixes of other songs and started to fall into the hiphop category, making lots of remixes with other songs, his favorite artists ranging from ying yang twins to afroman to underground artists throughout the US. "My first inspiration as far as DJing goes, was DJ Scientist and Supa Dave on the Hot 98.1 every friday and saturday night they would have sessions remixing and that's what got me into doing my own remixes." Only using simple programs he created many mixes, some others have heard, some haven't, but they lead to something greater, his will to make his own everything. "I always wanted to make everything on my own, whether it was the music, designs, art, tattoos, anything someone has done that I really enjoyed, I always wanted to do on my own." Rapping became his favorite past time during high school, mainly writing simple lyrics and practicing and improving as he got older. Later on before he turned 16, he picked up software to create his own music in order to do remixes. He used FL studio since 2005 to create his own beats. "I used to sit down every other day and whatever came to my head if it really struck me, you'd see me going straight to my studio to work on a track." He began producing music as JC Beatz, but never really pursued what he was doing, and only doing it for fun. For a couple of years, it was only making instrumentals that really began to shine as he kept producing. He started to get alot better and decided to start producing as a profession at age 16. "It wasn't a real decision, I already had my mind made up that music was definately what I've wanted to do my whole life, but one day I just said 'I think I'm about ready to do something with this' and started to make professional beats with better sound, and really I was just getting ready for my career later on."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I'm planning to do some performing this year, around SC area, it's goin down, but for right now I'm just preparing for my debut album dropping Febuary and from there out it's gonna be big.
Your musical influences
My main influences have been alot of artists, but not one in specific. I'd say alot of tech n9ne and eminem inspired me a couple years ago on developing my flow, but most of my influences come straight from myself and developing my music on my own, especially with producing my own stuff.
What equipment do you use?
For producing I use FL studio, and for everything else I have an ass of shit I use. and I got a home studio for recording. It works.
Anything else?
Yea, if you appreciate anything I'm doing then let me know your a fan I appreciate all love from anybody that's feelin my music and what i'm trying to do. Music's my life and it's what I'm gonna do for the rest of it, I'm gonna be doing this shit until I die so if your waitin on that dude that's gonna be big later on then It's probably gonna be me, so if anybody likes what I'm doin check out my other sites (my myspace which is myspace.com/kronikjmusic or my website which will be up shortly) and just be there so ill know i'm doing my job right and continue to do what i'm doing
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