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Eden Concept
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Prog rock with a classic, melodic sound reminiscent of Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Rush. A duo consisting of Jim Kube on drums and percussion and Rob Wessel on guitar
From the Heart
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House With Two Books part 1
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House With Two Books part 2
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House With Two Books part 3
House With Two Books part 4
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The band was formed to record original progressive rock songs. It's a style that I don't think really achieved its potential in the 70's, before many of the bands who played it either disbanded or started recording pop hits. It has enjoyed a resurgence in the last 20 years, and the variety of brilliant music that has been recorded and performed in those years only proves that we may never exhaust all the musical possibilities the genre offers. Admittedly, my songs don't stray too far into uncharted waters, with nods to a lot of my favorite old bands, and a melodic, sometimes pastoral sound, rather than the dissonant or atonal sounds preferred by some prog bands. Nothing wrong with atonal, but melodic is usually more my writing style. I'm excited to be reworking a handful of songs I wrote many years ago, adding live drums and rerecording the other parts. Live drums do so much for a song. I also look forward to collaborating with many of the talented musicians and vocalists I know on upcoming songs. Scheduling sessions with other people can be difficult because they all have other priorities demanding their time, but I hope to get a number of talented folks up to my studio for sessions as I record these songs.
Band/artist history
The band was started in 1998 to record original progressive rock. Due to various setbacks and members joining and leaving, we're still working on a recording of a group of original songs. But meanwhile, I've been writing more material, polishing the material I've written, upgrading my studio, and improving as a musician. The band right now is myself, Rob Wessel, and Jim Kube on drums, who has stuck with the band through all the changes, musically and in our respective personal lives. I'm excited that we have live drum tracks recorded for a handful of songs. I'm adding guitars, bass and vocals to those songs, and I'll mix a few of them down and post them when I have all the tracks recorded for them. This is a more ambitious project than the ambient music that I also do, and recording the material takes a lot more time. But it's going to be worth the wait.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Eden Concept is a studio project only right now.
Your musical influences
Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rush, Kansas (70's material from these bands).
What equipment do you use?
Ensoniq, Yamaha, and Oberhiem hardware synths, Hamer, Carvin and Peavey guitars, Hamer, Peavey and Rickenbacker basses, an Adamas acoustic guitar, Fender, Genz Benz, Mitchell, Hafler, Mesa Boogie, and Marshall amplification. refx, Waldorf, Native Instruments, Arturia, Homegrown, G Force, Novation and other soft synths. Groove Tubes mics, Focusrite, Joe Meek, TL Audio, Presonus and Trident mic preamps.
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