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Refugees Welcome
Refugees Welcome
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I make all these beats by pounding my reproductive organs on keyboards and instruments. I write all my lyrics in the pitch black and recite them staring direct
REFUGEES WELCOME.... not much is known about this crew of nomadic mountain bipeds rumored to live in the Santa Cruz mountains. rarely seen but never forgotten.
Band/artist history
Refugees Welcome isn't a band. its a Group of friends who stuck together and split everything amongst brothers. From woman to money to drugs to disease. Our numbers are small but our members our loyal. Only me and Crew member Nick Van Zanen create music. The rest of us our Mechanics and Construction workers, Graffiti artists and hard working lower middle class Americans. Thick as thieves and crazy as cultists, were not a gang but we act kinda like it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Behind Closed Doors, AoSB (alot of shitty bars)...Partys in the 100 Acre Woods, thats Winny the poohs hood. Meth Mountain BBQ's
Your musical influences
What i first misunderstood as a weakness i now understand is my greatest strength. I come from String of Small wooded Backroad towns where until recent years i was the only rapper. Now with rap music being so popular alot of faggy kids and very few talented emcees are making themselves known as rappers where im from. Most of us are hard working citizens and pot farmers.
What equipment do you use?
abelton live 8, a tiny ass korg, some turntables and a streetbox. somebody teach me how to use my MPC!!!
Anything else?
people have died for less...
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