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K prouty
K prouty
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Progressive instrumental metal
Live from kalamazoo
Band/artist history
Born in Japan with Spanish and British heritage a world traveler. K Prouty Started as a singer and guitarist front man and has played festivals , sold out concerts and opened for national and international acts, Had music featured in independent and short films and been the sound of "Lip service" clothing. After nearly 10 year hiatus ,2018 K Prouty came roaring out of the shadows as a shred guitarist bringing melodic heavy instrumental. Full length album "Where we make our stand " was released Jan 2019 on all major digital music platforms, "A world lit only by stars" EP was released in may and "Chase the horizon" single released in July.The momentum is building, Opening for international guitar hero Michael Angelo Batio, getting radio play on Hard Rock Hell radio in the UK and Hairy rock radio, featured on the Dusty Futon podcast and headlined shows. Although the project is under his name the band consists of K Prouty on Guitar and A Prouty playing Bass guitar . K Prouty programs the drum tracks and plays multiple instruments during the recording process.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, and in 2018 we have done 1 private event, live performance on the dusty futon podcast and Headlined a show at Black Plague Brewery in a quick month and a half after getting the band going. 2019 Opened for Michael Angelo Batio , Headlined a few shows, played for Tim Pyles presents (91X)
What equipment do you use?
Jackson King V ,Ibanez Rg, Hofner Violin bass, Orange Amps Pedal baby 100 and Orange crush 50 , SIT strings, Xvive wireless.
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