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Naut Humon
Naut Humon
December 27, 2009
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Naut Humon is 2 brothers from space broadcasting the realist in underground hip hop from their show on the Deathstar to the humans of Earth, supported by 200.3 fm Pirate radio. They do this as a civil service to expand the minds of the humans slowly becoming mindless robots because of the commercial radio machine. The computers are taking over and invading the brains of the humans. Naut Humon has seen this destruction first hand from their planet. They felt the time is now to make a move. Tune in, and enjoy! *****UPDATE*****08901307-19030-2408-2159490200 The Deathstar is the ship they had to broadcast underground music to the world from outside the atmosphere, but got to close to the gravitational pull of the earth. The Deathstar crash landed on earth somewhere in the NE coast of the United States on Feb 26th 2011 @ 12:50am. The brothers were split up in the crash. Thats all we kow as of now. Please stay tuned. *****UPDATE*****215-201-610-1-317482-5959 We have begun to pick up signals originating from Earth. They seem to be from Naut Humon. We have our best techs deciphering the digital code as we speak. Nothing can be made audible as of yet. *****UPDATE*****1-61082-1-6659-01430 The brothers have been found and they are together. They seem to have taken on a 3rd member to the crew. They have been broadcasting music in a weird turn of events, now from Earth to space. Not sure why, but we will find out. *****UPDATE*****18-7677391-92-1267798-5-229 Their broadcasts turn out to be a encrypted message for the Federation. Its a SOS!! *****UPDATE*****122112-666-91-1-19030 We regret to inform you that the Federation was late in de-coding the messages of Naut Humon. The direct result is that our worst fears have become confirmed. The messages meant for us have been intercepted and now we believe our heros have been picked up by "The Industry" impersonating "The Federation". We are doing a full scale space screen and signature search with all the power we have. We will not stop until they are found. If anyone on Earth has information to the location we have patched a number into the interweb for your access. If you seen the ships that picked them up from Earth, please leave in high detail everything you witnessed. #18887423345. We masked the number with a ghost company. Shade45. Leave a general message about what you witnessed, and be sure to start your message with "I know where Naut Humon is...." we will hear you.
Band/artist history
You will learn Naut Humon is like the Alpha and Omega. Here since the start and down til the end, but you may learn that it goes deeper than that. You may not. Depends on how hard you look and listen Earthling.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We are alive. Everything we put down from ink, to words, to thoughts all stems from the energy we create called life. Everyone has this special power. Many choose not to use it.
Your musical influences
Real music. All the years and years of waves we have picked up here in space. Remember, we get your oldest material before we get your newest. Think about it.
What equipment do you use?
The same computer, mic, and program for the last 10 light years. We put things together also when we have to. Its all used and forgotten parts that we think help give us our sound. Space junk.
Anything else?
Please help support us. We are real music for the fun and love of it. If we ever got famous here on Earth it would be only to help everyone live better. Donations. Programs. Helping children. Feed the poor. Build structures for disasters. If we got money that is what we would do and you can quote me right here for the future. I Cliff Williams (Naut Humon) ask for the support of the world so i can support you back. If you want change but know that next to pulling out our guns and demanding it, it will never happen. Give us a shot. Were here for you. Dont ever forget that. You will see the tag. It will remind you.