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"SoloBoyz" consist of (Big-Clay & Mr. Mighty B.), both currently putting all focus in music. They are California & Tennessee native in the flesh. Mix with 2 swa
"SoloBoyz" consist of (Big-Clay & Mr. Mighty B.), both currently putting all focus in music. There unstoppable, unbelievable, 2011 Next Big Group. They are California & Tennessee native in the flesh. Mix with 2 swaggers & into becoming the most underrated group to break out in the states to the world! Weslie Clayton Sengphrachanh, better known as Big-Clay/BC of the SoloBoyz, was born, October 12, 1991, in Memphis, Tennessee. He never really worried about rapping as a young child, but always visualized himself as being famous dealing with music someway/somehow. When Weslie would go to school and see friends rapping in the cafeteria. He would always be around but his shyness never would allow him to come in, so as he sat back he catches the rhythm of whose rapping and who knew that this would be a form of training to bring him where he is today. Weslie is the youngest of four older siblings. Growing up with separated parents, Weslie took advantage of the situation and seen that other people would relate, and that is when Weslie decided rapping would be his career goal. Weslie's mother & farther is very important to him, Bringing 2 strong role model into his life. and together they brought a strong family unit, that Weslie desired since he was a child. His father's main purpose for supporting Weslie's dream for music was to keep him out of trouble and Weslie's purpose is to bring his mothers dream into reality. Brandon Garmon, better known as Mr. Mighty B. of the SoloBoyz, was born, Arpil 19, 1990, the youngest of 7 younger siblings. Growing up beside his mother, Brandon gained strong support and guidance from positive family and friend role models his mother brought into his life. His mother was one of his strong role models who showed him what it meant to be a leader. Brandon was raised by both his mother and father. He grasped on to his families creative love for artistic vision and music. He would spend countless hours reading, drawing and writing poems at the age 12 years, Brandon started free-styling at schools, clubs, cafeteria, etc. Interested in rap, Brandon began writing to pursue his dream career. His love for reading and writing brought him into a new found dream for music, in which he expresses today in the SoloBoyz. Together Weslie and Brandon began their friendship in 2009. They became friends after finding out they had a love for music that they could pursue. Basically, After getting to know one another, they realized that they had more in common than they ever imagined. with Weslie having already started SoloBoyz and was looking for a new partner. They have an enormous love for music, have a similar taste in music, similar life background, and basically loved to have fun. Their similar interests not only brought them closer as friends, but allowed them to see that their talents together could bring a change to their community, and strong positive impact to their teen culture and beyond.
Band/artist history
- Big-Clay, "Well first off I started (SoloBoyz) with one of my old boyz (Chosen 1) for just to do for fun and such, pull girls was my case, (ha-ha). But to make long story short. SoloBoyz started with Chosen 1, But he wanted to go a different path. So than, I kept SoloBoyz going with a rapper I've rap with before (Dope Star), But that ended. But finally, I came across one of my friend's friend, which he introduced us. After hanging out for a while I saw & thought he was talented enough. So I asked him to join (SoloBoyz) he said ,"Yes!" and officially became (Mr. Mighty B.) and after remixing on a covered Hit Single by (Roscoe Dash feat. Travis Porter - "All The Way Turnt Up") having +50,000 Views and having us release our single "Peace Dawg" and placed on DJ NinaStaks "The 2010 Tennessee Underclassman" mixtape. Thats where (SoloBoyz) became official! Right now we are working hard on making songs day-by-day, week-by-week!"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have not yet, But we sure are willing to!
Your musical influences
Everything is.... to humming a tune stuck in your head, to hearing the birds chirping to make you whistle back, to drumming on the dashboard in the car while taking a long drive. Anything become musical if you just use your imagination!
What equipment do you use?
Windows XP Computer Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer Store bought studio mic. Head-Phones
Anything else?
Be Sure to become a Fan, Make sure to help Support & Promote SoloBoyz in your city, Today! Who knows you could be the next person to win a SOLO-Bundle (includes- SoloBoyz T-Shirt, recent album, hat, sticker, & autograph poster.)
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