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Nicholas Plant
Nicholas Plant
40 Tracks
My name is Nicholas Plant and I am a thirty year old resident of West Seneca, NY. I began playing drums at the age of thirteen and was instructed by Greg Grzank
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My name is Nicholas Plant and I am a twenty-eight year old resident of West Seneca, NY. I began playing drums at the age of thirteen and was instructed by Greg Grzankowski at Edwin's Music Store in Buffalo, NY. Greg taught me the fundamentals of rock drumming for three years where I gained a great appreciation for the dynamics of the drum kit. When I was twenty years old I decided to share my knowledge with others when an opportunity came along through a friend. After being in many local bands and working with various local artists, I have been able to spend countless hours in my favorite environment; behind the drum kit. I have been educating Western New York drummers for over eight years and look forward to continuing to educate for many years to come.
Your musical influences
Dave Grohl, John Bonham, Phil Collins, Danny Carey, Chad Smith, Carter Beauford, Jimmy Chamberlin, Matt Cameron, Neil Peart, Steve Smith, Josh Freese, Larry Mullen Jr.
What equipment do you use?
TAMA Granstar Custom (GS522X) Name: Big Bertha Color: FRB (Fire Burst) 10x10 Rack Tom (GT10X) 11x12 Rack Tom (GT12X) 12x13 Rack Tom (GT13X) 16x16 Floor Tom (GF16R) 16x22 Bass Drum (GB22X) 6x14 Starclassic Exotix Red Viking Limited Edition Snare Drum #20 of 300 TAMA Superstar EFX (SX52F) Name: Mia Color: TSH (Turquoise Satin Haze) 8x10 Rack Tom (SXT10A) 9x12 Rack Tom (SXT12A) 11x14 Tom Tom (SXT14A) 18x22 Bass Drum (SXB22E) 5 1/2x14 Snare Drum (SXS55) Roland Electronic Drumkit V-Tour Series (TD-6SW) TAMA Hardware TAMA Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Bass Drum Pedal (HP900PTW) TAMA Iron Cobra Velo Glide Hi-Hat Pedal (HH805) TAMA Roadpro Snare Stand (HS70WN) TAMA Roadpro Cymbal Stand (HC73BWN) TAMA Power Tower Rack System (PMD800SS) TAMA Roadpro Combination Tom/Cymbal Stand (HTC77WN) TAMA Cymbal Stacker (CSA35) TAMA Fast Clamp Cymbal Attachment (MCA63EN) TAMA Fast Clamp Universal Clamp (MC66) TAMA Threaded L Rod For Rhythm Watch (LRW) TAMA Twin Pedal Attachment (TPA90) Misc. Items TAMA Power Kick Muffling System (PK20) TAMA Wood Hoop Saver (MHS53) TAMA Ergo-Rider Trio Throne w/backrest (HT730) TAMA Rhythm Watch (RW105) TAMA Iron Cobra Felt Beater (CB90F) TAMA Iron Cobra Rubber Beater (CB90R) Remo Falam Slam Double (KS-0006-PH) Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Exactopad (HHPPE) Remo Drumheads (Batter) 10" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0210-00) 12" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0212-00) 13" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0213-00) 14" Emperor X (BX-0114-10) 14" Smooth White Emperor (BE-0214-00) 16" Smooth White Emperor (BB-1216-00) 22" Coated Powerstoke 3 (P3-1122-C2) Remo Drumheads (Resonant) 10" Clear Ambassador (BA-0310-00) 12" Clear Ambassador (BA-0312-00) 13" Clear Ambassador (BA-0313-00 14" Hazy Ambassador (SA-0114-00) 14" Clear Ambassador (BA-0314-00) 16" Clear Ambassador (BA-0316-00) 22" Ebony Powerstroke 3 (P3-1022-CH) Zildjian Cymbals Small ZILBEL FX Cymbal 10" A Splash (A0211) 14" A New Beat Hi-Hats (A0133) 16" Oriental China Trash (A0616) A 18" Rock Crash Cymbal (A0252) 20" A Medium Ride (A0034) 20" A Ping Ride (A0042) Latin Percussion Sound Effects LP Jam Block Low Pitch-Red (LP1207) LP Cyclops Mountable Tambourine (LP175) Vic Firth Drumsticks American Classic Hickory Size 2B American Custom Timpani Mallets T1 General Rute 606 Shure Microphones PG Drum Mic Kit (PGDMK6) Footwear Adidas Low Cut Martial Arts Sneakers Black w/Red Stripes (4792) Cases CDM Custom Road Cases
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