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Too drunk to f***
Ape 20
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Rise Up
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The End Of Days
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The Guilty Masses
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Digicore formed in 2005 with the vague intention of doing something 'kind of electronic but rocky as well' and have been causing a godawful din ever since. After winning the York Barlfy Battle of the Bands competition in 2006 through a mixture of primal energy and sheer dumbfounded coincidence, the band released their first album, 'Synaptic Decay', and turned their attention to the rest of the UK. Festival appearances followed, along with a string of gigs all around the country. The days were bright, the beer cold and there was much rejoicing. The band soon started working on their second album, to be entilted 'Self Armageddon'. Work on the album continued for many months while band members descended into hermit-like solitude and shunned outside contact. A deep melancholy gripped the world. What would become of our glorious saviours? Inkeeping with the true spirit of the band, the album was largely scrapped, two thirds of it re-written on the spot and everything re-done in a couple of weeks. Self Armageddon was released to iTunes and Amazon and you should all buy it because it's not a rush job at all and we're totally happy with it... Anyway.... Soon after the release of Self Armageddon, the band released the free EP 'The End Of Days'. This EP heralds the newest iteration of the 'Core - a faster, heavier, angrier beast altogether, spitting bile and venom and having fun doing it. Digicore combine the raw aggression of punk and metal with many of the more extreme forms of electronica including Breakcore, Gabber, Speedcore and IDM. This eclectic mix of styles is the delivery system for Digicore's apocalyptic message; Embrace free will and the consequences of your actions and destroy those who try to take your freedom away, break away from the guilty masses.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Digicore live experience is a terrifying experiment into the maximum human threshold for volume and insanity.
Your musical influences
Punk, Industrial, Digital Hardcore, Metal, EBM, Drum and Bass, Breakcore, Powerviolence, Grindcore, Black Metal, Harsh Noise Alec Empire, NIN, Stabbing Westward, KMFDM, Marilyn Manson, Capdown, ATR, ChopChop, Nailbomb Cults, Drumcorps, Darkthrone (F.O.A.D!), MANOWAR The fear and resentment of the guilty masses Real Ale, Mead, Lager, Rum, Cider - Belly's gonna get ya...
What equipment do you use?
Cubase 4, Native Instruments Maschine/Guitar Rig/Massive, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Addictive Drums, Nord Lead 2X, Novation Nova/Nocturn, Frontier Alphatrack Digicore also use the following free programs/VST plugins: DestroyFX suite, Deep Blue Glitch, Deep Blue Stretch, Livecut, MIDI Yoke, Dominion, I Wanna Be The Guy
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Angel Tear / Meek Mill Type Beat
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