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Daemon Blak Music
Daemon Blak Music
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"DARK BLU" is a metal genre solo project created by Atlanta, GA rock guitarist, Daemon Blak. Daemon Blak Music is a synthesis of Death Metal w/ Clean female voc
DARK BLU is the solo project of Atlanta, GA rock guitarist, Daemon Blak. Unlike most deathmetal/black metal bands who have a growler or screamer as the vocalist, Daemon has chosen female soprano vocals for his band. The combination of music and vocal elements in his songs is unique, especially considering that he wrote, recorded, and produced it all himself with a drum machine sequencer. The guitar solos in particular, are incredible.
Band/artist history
From March to November of 2009, I operated a band called HAMMER OF FATE. The roster changed during the year, as I sought musicians who were on the same page with what I was trying to accomplish. Unfortunately, the level of commitment, professionalism, and motivation of the others wasn't on the same level as mine and in November of 2009, I disbanded the band. Following the disband of HAMMER OF FATE, I decided to go heavier in my musical direction and in January 2010, created a new metal band project called "DARK BLU". I searched for and found some musicians, but as with HAMMER OF FATE, they were not the right musicians, so I emptied the roster and decided to make "DARK BLU" a solo act. Instead of waiting around for musicians to show up to write and record songs with, I took the reigns, wrote, recorded, and produced a total of 67 songs from 2010 to 2014. This gave me more than enough songs for live set lists. I market and promote my music online via Twitter. My songs are streaming on 365radionetwork.com . The search to fill the band roster with the right musicians continues.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performances will be booked once I find the right musicians to join the band. I love performing live for a crowd more than anything else and look forward to it.
Your musical influences
My musical influences began with 80's heavy metal bands- Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Metallica. Along the way, I've been influenced by a variety of heavy metal bands and heavy metal guitarists, but lately I've been listening to a lot of Progressive Metal and Death Metal, so my song writing style is is a fusion of those two metal genres. I guess I would call my genre "Progressive Death Metal", if I had to call it something other than just "Metal". By studying with a guitar teacher online (www.thewizardofshred.com), I was freed from self limiting ideas that got in the way.
What equipment do you use?
I switched to 7 string guitars in the fall of 2012. My main and backup are an Ibanez RG7621 with Dimarzio pickups and an Ibanez RG 7321 with EMG 707's. My amp is a hybrid half stack consisting of a DIME D100 amp head (120 Watts) and a Marshall MG412A Slant cab with four 12" 30 watt Celestians. I use a Pedalboard that houses stomp box effects that included an MXR Fullbore Distortion, DOD Icebox 64 Chorus, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, a Morley Maverick Optical Mini-Wah, an MXR 10 band EQ, and a Digitech Harmonyman harmonizer. On the recordings I play a Washburn XB100 bass and use Beatcraft drum machine software to program the drums. I record with ProTools MP9 and an M-Audio Fastrack Ultra audio interface or (lately) Cubase 6.5 and a TASCAM US-1800 Audio interface, with a Shure SM57 Mic, and . I mix and master with Mixcraft.
Anything else?
I'm a professional musician with professional goals and objectives. I need professional musicians who can check their egos at the door and be ready to learn the songs, rehearse them with me to tightness, and start gigging, ASAP. I have no time to waste on DIVA's, slackers, or anyone who is unmotivated to achieve a successful professional music career.
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