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Scott Maestro Peoples
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The Reverend Rico Savage
Scott "Maestro" Peoples (http://www.facebook.com/maestrodrummer) has earned his reputation as a world class drummer the hard way. Starting the profession while just a teenager, Scott has spent over 20 years gigging, touring, recording with the likes of Roy Ayers, Stanley Turrentine, The Isley Brothers as well as countless solo and ensemble acts all over the world. Currently, Scott has a full length (Happy As Hopeless Can Be), an EP (Rise of the DirtWitch) out and has a new album “Awesomer” (few singles can be found here on Soundclick) set for a fall 2022 release, has been drumming with Portlands supergroup dance band ThrottleDown and the Portland based, hard rock band Toxic Rock Syndrome (http://www.facebook.com/toxicrockband) as well as continuing a healthy session and clinician schedule.
Band/artist history
It was a warm, brisk, crispily windy day as the dew gently glistened off the mountai.....nevermind.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Besides the solo stuff, currently giggin' with the band ThrottleDown from Portland and doing clinics all over for Vater sticks. Doing a whole bunch of sessions. Some at my home studio and studios in Seattle, LA and Portland. Have a one weekend reunion show in Olympia, Washington this coming summer with my old cover band, Sunny Jim. I'm looking forward to that one.
Your musical influences
Man, too many to mention. All makes and models. That's key in becoming a good if not, credible musician. Being versed in all genres and styl INVALID s of music. Except country. I guess you can say my influences are the drummers who play with finesse and have a more musical approach to the instrument instead of the chop guys. Fluid performances have always turned me on. Chop drummers never have done anything for me, rolling big fills around the toms with double bass drums and chinas everywhere is just a regergitation of practice, not performance of music. Big difference. Talk about it alot in interviews and clinics.
What equipment do you use?
I have a Yamaha, Gretsch and PDP (DW) drum sets. One for thunder, one for show off and one for sessions. Been gigging lately with the Tama Starclassics Bubinga and they rock. Sounds superb. Heavier than shit. Various array of hardware, uhm, Pearl, PDP, DW, Tama, and Yamaha and I use Sabians for my brass plates. For sticks, I'm working with the boys over at Good Wood/ Vater sticks and must say been quite blown away with the feel and durability of their sticks. Especially at the fact they keep 'em cheap. Look into that.
Anything else?
Everyone, listen to music. If you are not a player, then become one. This world would be a lot more relaxed if everyone just learned to play an instrument. And smoked the reefers.
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