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4th Order
4th Order
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4th Order is original hard rock!
Fortress of One
In an age where music has lost its way, one band tries to stand up. In a day when whining about your mom and dad can win you a Grammy and a two year tour of the Betty Ford Clinic, one band struggles to stand up. In a time when pearly whites and push up bras are more important than the music, one band dares to stand up. Stand up with them. Stand up for 4th Order.
Band/artist history
We are a rock band that has sprung forth from the ashes of Bolt. The former lead singer/songwriter/bassist for the band lost a tough battle with cancer. This left the band struggling with what to do and where to go. Now we are on a new path and hope to bring some fresh sounds to the table. Rock on.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
4th Order exists to take its original hard rock on the road to as many listeners as possible.
Your musical influences
Alice in Chains Soundgarden Metallica Stone Temple Pilots
What equipment do you use?
Steve Holt plays Shecter guitars. Eric Hoffman plays a Drum Workshop kit.