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Warren Wagner
St. Charles, MO  USA
November 14, 2003
268,770 plays
Hello, I'm Warren and I've been writing songs for about 18 years. I play mostly in St. Charles Missouri. If your in town stop by Rumple's Pub any Wednesday night between 8:00 and 12:00. Don't forget to come up and introduce yourself. Hope to see you there.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play mostly open mic nights and jam sessions in St. Charles and St. Louis but I gig once in awhile. I'm just to old for all that steady gigging stuff, and besides I do it more for fun than profit. I never expect to make any money so my expectations never go unmet.
Your musical influences
I write in a lot of different styles but my main influences would be Gordon Lightfoot, Paul Simon, John Prine and several other like them.
Anything else?
I love to meet people that have seen my sites or heard my music in places other than personal performances. If you've been to this site and you happen to catch me somewhere live, please come up and introduce yourself, it's a real rush for me.
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Hi Warren, I can totaly relate to "What's On Your Mind' - especially love the line "Cold shoulder is on the menu tonight" - excellent! Have a grat day, Karen
Hi Warren, This is a great song .. Pro sounding .... I can see why they would use it on TV ,tonight ,and then on KSDK.com ,tonight .With the story of the flood ,pics etc. Wish you well with it .It could very well go further ,and then include some of your other works ,for other TV shows ,etc. God bless . Clairejeanne
hi warren vili nice music and very beatifol voise greets from macedonia
Great tunes, pro sound. Check out my new track,"So what domestic". It's right up your alley.
hey cool tune man. check out my new one "go long" you might like it thanks.
St. Charles, MO  USA
November 14, 2003
268,770 plays