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addy oldman
addy oldman
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singer songwriter and musician 18 years old just starting out in the business
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Addy Oldman youngest son of a well known cheshire based family of entertainers addy is 17 years old and sings plays guitar piano and started writing his own material at the tender age of 11. His first album 'TOTALLY UNPLUGGED' Is available on world wide downloading sites such as itunes amazon spotify, check addy out at www.youtube.com/nashvilleangels and join him at www.facebook.com/addy.oldman and on twitter.com/addyoldman thankyou!x.
Band/artist history
Addy has been performing around cheshire for about 2 years now and has performed with the guitar guru that is Jon gomm also he has played with the 80s band the Christians he has been asked And will be performing very soon with the legend that is mr George borrowski (guitar George ) And has been joined on stage with Fil hill and Roger James walker from the Chinese marbles more addy Oldman and hillwalker gigs will be announced keep watching he has also played with guitar man Mr Don Blair Garry the hat White has also shared the stage with addy and all this before his 18th birthday pretty good credentials for just starting his career
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Addy has played in many places around the cheshire area playing places such as .. snowgoose (macclesfield) swan with two necks (macclesfield) the red rock (poynton) herritidge centre (macclesfield) bollington artscentre and many many more. Addy like all professional preformers finds it his passion to perform and loves every minute being on the stage. Addys main 'special moment' was opening up for the 80's band 'the Christians' finding the atmosphere and sound quality breathtaking, also performing with the sensational 'jonn gomm' (world wide guitar guru) and macclesfields finest roger walker and fil hill.. Addy has played with many fantastic musicians and with being 17 many many more fantastic performance's to come in the future with many more brilliant artists around the world.
Your musical influences
Addy has many musical influences and genres such as... pop, rock, blues,motown and many more he has always loved acts likes stevie wonder (isn't she lovely) (lately) always saying.. 'stevie wonders music has so much passion in it) all the way to 'guns 'n' roses' (sweetchild of mine) 'addy also does an acoustic cover of sweet child of mine on youtube' (welcome to the jungle). with artists like micheal jackson, diana ross, and bruno mars in between. as you probably see addys genre of music goes everywhere :)
What equipment do you use?
Addy started as a little boy singing away, then one day he wanted to learn guitar so he got a guitar for his 11 birthday.. he picked it up by listening to music in his room and then wrote his first song 'just you and me'.. he wrote this song because he had just learnt a Bm chord and thought it sounded good!.( if you search 'just you and me' on youtube you can have a listen) this was the first time we saw addy's potentional in his writting and many songs came along the way to his signing with '4Real Records' and many more songs to come on his journey.
Anything else?
If you would like to contact Addy oldman with any potentional gigs, you can always facebook wall us on www.facebook.com/addy.oldman. If you like what you have read and listened to and would like to know where is next or any updates on his journey you can always twitter us .. twitter.com/addyoldman Addy has now teamed up for special live events with professional musicians lead guitarist Fil hill and Rythym and lead guitarist Roger James walker (from the Chinese marbles) to make up addy Oldman and hillwalker this trio of superb musicians are not to be missed for more information and list list more please get in touch with addys team If your not a facebook fan or a twitterer.. musicman700@hotmail.co.uk is his email acount so message away :) note from addy: thankyou everyone for the support and feedback we have recieved from you all, i will be recording my next single shortly and that will be going on itunes, i hope you enjoy the new songs i record and put on the market and i hope you will buy my records. thankyou, Mr addy O x
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