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Mike Bender
Mike Bender
November 11, 2009
2,404 plays
Just getting back into this after a long hiatus. I purchased a used Korg d16 - 16 track recorder around the Fall of 2009 for $ 100.00 and I haven't touched a recorder in nearly 25 years. That was in the 1980's with a Tascam Porta 01-4 track. Things have come a long ways. The guitars and music equipment came out of a long hibernation soon after.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I tried playing when I was dead but it was hard to play because my fingers got stiff.
Your musical influences
BB King, Freddie King, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Boy Fuller, Jerry Ricks, Ray Charles, Blues, Classic Country, Classic 60's rock (too many to list), Country Blues, Some Jazz
What equipment do you use?
I have lots of guitars. It seems like I am always finding one I did not know I had. I mainly play an early 70's Les Paul and a newly acquired ES335 knock off (lawsuit era). I also have an original 1961-1962 Les Paul Jr (SG) with a cool p90 pickup. This was one of my first guitars and I use this only for slide. I have several amps but the one I use for recording is a Fender Studio Lead I got when I was about 16 years old. It is solid state and very quite. Tubes sound warmer but it is hard to tell this one apart. I also have a no name steel bodied national clone, a twelve string something or other, and an old parlor acoustic from 1910 or so that I recently had redone to make it playable. Great for fingerpicking. I never play with a pick on acoustic and rarely use one on electric. I also have lots of other instruments I have accumulated over the years like a dulcimer, sometype of weird electric mandolin thing that looks like it was made from a tree stump, banjo, ukelele, balalaika (my parents brought back from Russia when I was a kid), and even a sitar which I used to play in high school (my parents brought that back from India years ago). I almost forgot about a funky electric piano from the mid 1970's I recently purchased for my 7 year to practice.
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