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BENin10D, well known in the touring, promotions end of the biz, now is writing some of the best music coming out of the South. BENin10D, focuses full time on wr
AMERICA, with added scenes and lyrics
Joseph "Joe B." Benintende is "BENin10D". Joe's family came here from Sicily beginning with his Grandfather and the family settled in New Orleans. Joe B. was born and raised in New Orleans, however had the opportunity to live in several different cities growing up for short periods of time, due to his fathers job. Growing up in New Orleans, especially close to the French Quarter and having family who had major businesses in the Quarter, he was exposed to music and "real" life at a very early age. His first hands on musical experience which he believes set the musical tone for the rest of his life took place on his front porch, during a short stay in Baton Rouge, when his father was completing College. At the age of 7 years old Joe B. would sit and listen to this incredible guitar player and singer for hours and hours almost every afternoon on the back porch, turns out this player was none other than the legend "Johnny Rivers" and Johnny took the time to begin to teach Joe little things here and there about playing and singing, yet Joe B., thought he was just a regular guy at that age, Joe B. had no idea that this guy was becoming a musical legend and probably one of the most successful song writers of all time. Joe B.'s mother bought him an old warped guitar from a clearance sale at that time and Joe B. begin to play non stop, he took lesson, practiced and no one had to tell him to practice, Joe B. could not wait to find the next sound, the next chord. However this first guitar, being warped placed the strings almost 1/2 inch over the neck, so Joe B. had to press HARD and he thought that was normal, so years later when he actually got a real guitar, he was amazed how easy it really was and how easy and fast he could play. Joe B. has had such a blessed life when it comes to music and making a living. Like many young boys he played in countless rock bands growing up and was always in a band, sometimes more than one almost at all times, if was not in a band, he just was not right. While in college he was exposed to the Entertainment Committee, which booked all the events and concerts for the University. He soon became the President and quickly begin to learn the ins and out's of promoting National Act's on the College Level. Joe B. states he had several mentors during that time that took him under their wing and taught him a lot, when they really did not have too. While promoting club bands and National artist for the school, Joe was studying hard and his education actually was in the psychology area and directly after school was Director of an Adolescent Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center and worked with some pretty troubled kids for almost 10 years. But, at the same time, Joe B. was playing in a band and also started his own Production/Promotions company, ENCORE PROMOTIONS, PRODUCTIONS, INC. While other people were buying fancy cars, Joe B. was taking every cent he earned and he was buying concert lighting systems and sound systems and providing Sound & Lights at every event he could get his hands on. Realizing there was no professional outdoor concert staging in his area, he went to visit a company that owned 4-5 stages and studied their designed and went home and literally with the help of 3 other friends built his first 40x60 5 ft. high outdoor concert stage. That stage, stayed rented almost 24/7 in some configuration and the income from that stage alone paid for a lot of things, including a 13 acre farm, couple of new vehicles and new equipment. Eventually, Joe B. decided he really wanted to focus more on the actual business of promoting concerts and concert tours and he sold his company. He went and worked with Gregg Allman for a good while with Gregg's solo projects and tours and was Gregg's right hand for a long time and out of the blue a long time friend and well known Promoters Tony Ruffino and Gary Weinberger asked him to come home and work with them and he them became part of New Era Promotions, which eventually became Live Nation and that kept Joe traveling every where in the world, literally as Promoter Rep, Director of Production and Tour Director, Joe B. had the opportunity to work with almost every national famous artist there is out there today and not just once, each artist Joe B. worked with numerous times over the years and they became such great blessed friends, their crew, Management and the artist all became like a family after hearing so many experiences on the road away from home. It is very important to mention that Joe B. was writing music during all this time, since college, however in the promotions business, there are several big TABOO'S and one of the biggest is "YOU NEVER PITCH MATERIAL TO ARTISTS". Not your, not someone else's no bodies, ever. That is one of the few things that can cause your entire professional reputation to be destroyed overnight. After all, it is the promoters and Directors job to protect the artist from people trying to get to them for such things and believe me in every and any town there are always so many people lined up with CD's and Cassette Tapes (Yep, I said Cassette Tapes) Obviously that is not he proper way to do that and people do not realize the artist does not have time to mess with that stuff and they are focusing on the show at hand, usually it is their management looking at new music for the upcoming CD and at a certain stage when the artist completes a tour, they too will begin to look for themselves. But, on tour, NO, NO, NO and being the professional he was and is, Joe B. as much as he wanted to and as much as he called them friends, did not pitch his material. Today, is different. Joe B. BENin10D calls up the friends he knows and contacts he has developed over the years and is even asked to write songs for particular artist and while his reputation and friendship may help get him in the door, it is still the quality of the song that makes the deal, friend or no friend. So Joe B. aka BENin10D is always learning, always improving, always making sure he is keeping up with how the proper way to do things is done and maintaining his role as Hit Professional Song Writer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Occasionally, BENin10D plays live, mostly for special occasions and fund raisers, when he thinks he can contribute to raising money for a cause he believes in. BENin10D, played live right after 9/11 with their song America and it was broadcast to 10 million viewers on CNN and the video is up and running still today.
What equipment do you use?
Hmmmmm. I have a custom made acoustic which is my favorite guitar, a 58 strat and another strat and a blond telecaster which I use a lot, I use a lot of TC Helicon plug ins and foot switches for guitar and vocals. I use Pro Tools and also use Cubase for recording and also use a digital 8 track Tascam at time. I have a Roland synthesizer, which provides a lot of the other instruments I use and a Yamaha DX7 keyboard, which I have had forever and I really love and last but not least a Dean Guitars Guitanjo which is a guitar built in a Banjo Body. Looks like Banjo, plays like a guitar and sounds like Banjo, cool !
Anything else?
Songwriting and recording for BENin10D is both a huge blessing and frustration all rolled up into one and BENin10D, would have it no other way. Each song you complete you think can sound so much better, but at some point you have to move on to the next song. You want your music to mean something to the fans or anyone listening. So, I guess in short, the ultimate goal is to write the songs that will really, really touch peoples heart and mean something to a large amount of people for a long time. Being realistic you want to make a decent living while doing it also, so you are constantly trying to create the most beautiful, coolest song that ever was, while at the same time making a living so you can continue to write and continue to improve your arsenal of writing tools, which everyone knows are not CHEAP. So, WE REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR MUSIC AND ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM ANY OF YOU ABOUT HOW OUR MUSIC HAS IMPACTED YOU AND YOUR LIFE, THANKS and MOSTLY PEACE !
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