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Remorseless Music International
Remorseless Music International was formed by Pauly Vengeance, and Jeremy Wooten in October 2009. Their style varies from Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Power
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The Darkest
Downfall Of The Angel
Remorseless Music International was created by Pauly Vengeance (of the United Kingdom), and Jeremy Wooten (of the United States) in October 2009. Both Pauly and Jeremy are extremely versatile, and accomplished guitarist, as well as solo artists. Through a happenstance online meeting, they became friends, and eventually, decided to collaborate on RMI. RMI is heavily charged Metal music with hardcore overtones, and complex symphonic backing. The goal of RMI is to deliver high quality Heavy Metal music to the masses, via any way possible.
Band/artist history
Jeremy Wooten: Jeremy has been a musician since the age of 9. First learning to play guitar. Then moving on to learn bass, percussion, drums, piano, and MIDI production. In his late teens Jeremy was signed to a small label based in San Antonio TX, in a band named Discarded Youth. The band broke up, and Jeremy then played in a slew of different Texas based bands before moving across the country to Virginia. Once in Virginia he played in yet another 4-6 bands before landing a spot in the Post Punk/Pop/Rock/Metal band Hearts Aside. Which is currently working on their new demo! Whilst making music with Hearts Aside, Jeremy also started his own solo project named Unique: Music By Jeremy Wooten. It's a mixture of Heavy Metal, classical, blues, ska, punk, and whatever else came to his mind. The Unique demo has no scheduled completion date. Which brings us to Remorseless Music International. The RMI project is taking a lead next to the Hearts Aside demo. The RMI demo is currently under way! Keep checking back on our progress! Pauly Vengeance: Pauly V has been playing guitar since the tender age of 14, and played with a small group of friends, who later formed a 'real' band and went on to have a demo posted out to Germany, under the name of 'Summoner'. The band fell by the wayside when the bass player was tragically killed in a car accident, but as far as he knows, that demo is still in a jukebox in Germany somewhere... Pauly is a self-taught Guitarist, mostly playing heavy metal, but has also been known to play country and soft-rock. Pauly also plays bass, keyboard and has dabbled with Drums.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We hope to do so with label backing! =D
Your musical influences
Jeremy Wooten: X Japan, Yoshiki Hayashi, Hideto Matsumoto, Testament, Dream Theater, White Zombie, Queensryche, Pantera, Merciful Fate, King Diamond, Nine inch nails, The Cure, Megadeth Pauly Vengeance: Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Strapping Young Lad, Pantera, Pinkly Smooth, Ozzy Osbourne,
What equipment do you use?
Jeremy Wooten: Mainly used: Guitar-B.C.Rich Warlock Metal Master Edition -Main Recording Amp- Peavey Rage 158, -Main Effects- Digitech Grunge Distortion, FAB Chorus, -Recording Equipment- Lexicon Alpha, Magix Music 15 software Owned: Guitars-Fender Stratocaster 98 Reissue, Fender Squier, Fender F-15 Acoustic, -Amps- Crate G 200w, Rouge 15w. -Effects-DoD Death Metal Distortion, FAB Distortion, FAB Phaze, -Recoding Equipment-Tascam 414 Analog 4-track recorder, TEAC monitors, -Recording Software- Cubase, FL Studio pro. Pauly Vengeance: Mainly Used: Guitar - Epihone Les Paul Custom. Recording Amp - Nevada 15 (i know, i need a bigger set-up) Other Amps - Stagg CA-10. Effects - Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, Boss DS1 Distortion, Danelectro F.A.B Distortion, Zoom G9.2tt Multi-effects Pedal. Recording Software - Magix Music Maker, Audacity.
Anything else?
To our supporters- We appreciate all the support we can get! Tell your friends, pass around the link! We love comments,and messages, and will reply post haste! Any questions? Just ask! Thank you so much for your time, and the listen! To prospective business associates- Our contact info is posted in our profile. We can be reached day, or night. By phone, or by email, in two different time zones! Making us available 24/7. We are seeking a recording contract, shows, appearances, and pretty much anything to get our name and our music heard. Thank you very much for the consideration!
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