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No Name city
No Name city
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very tongue and cheek in nature, no name city have only one mission to make a differance with there music and rock as many socks off in the process. though
No Name city - eyes wide closed live at the venue
so heres the skinny this started a solo project for Luther the singer of the now defunct Mark of the Infinite. Though it was formed just as a jam for fun with friends it is started to be take off, and turned into a full giging act, with great fans.The first thing to notice is the music isn't trying to sound like just anyone,not to mention there tongue and cheek approach to humor and life on stage, then the fact that N N C like to make the music serve a purpose and help spark thought and compassion. This is merely something for fun and the love of god, and Monty python. peace, and love, and now for something completely different.
Band/artist history
first we made music then we played the music live the we heard it on the radio, and now we venture forth to play it as far from my bed as possible. we keep things simple let's leave the real history for when we have enough history to look back on with accomplishment.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
when ever possible we play live, mainly around the west coast. there is no greater thrill and honor then hearing the audience scream, and people having a blast to a song you wrote. one time on the road out side hollywood we crashed at a fans house and our drummer had to bunk with hitler. . . but thats a tale for another day. at a show someone told our singer that he was giving his life to jesus after watching the show.
Your musical influences
while we all listen to most genres and styles of music from classical to industrial, most of us on these few metal bands as our main influences. Metallica, stone temple pilots, type o negative, the doors, creed, the beatles, fear factory, and two of us love kiss but the other two wholeheartedly balances out that that force.
What equipment do you use?
Luther vocals and Guitar - b-52 amps, korg effects, roland gr series guitar synths. dean vendetta guitars. his voice. Danny guitar - behringer amps, digitech effects, Ibanez guitars. phil bassist - acoustic amps, ltd and cort basses. cory drummer - wood definately made of wood, or very thick paper maybe. vicforth, and ahead sticks.
Anything else?
with out a dought thank you everyone who like our music all our fans, and all our nay sayers you give us great conversation on tour. to all who have helped us to all that will help us. most of all Jesus thank you. Peace, and godBless. The guys in N N C. fell free to check us out and add us on the myspace thing www.myspace.com/nonamecitymusic and to all my the hair on your toes never fall off.
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