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Every Inch A King
Every Inch A King
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Basically, we're just a couple of guys doing what they do.
Though an evolving process, currently Every Inch A King is comprised of Adrian J. Wise (musician, singer, songwriter) and Samuel J. Axson (songwriter). We frequently have guest appearances by Phillip Wise (musician) and David Merchant (musician) (And we still miss the late John Young, Pfc.)
Band/artist history
Me and Adrian were roommates a million years ago and the lights went out. We were bored so we started writing music together and we enjoyed it so much that we still do it, even though we have electricity now...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Once. Hahaha, no, really, once in a blue moon would be more accurate! Adrian suffers from stagefright and performance anxiety (and he'll probably kill me for telling you this), but a few fans have managed to talk him into playing acoustic sets in the living room on occassion, and once we actualy had the whole group play at a party of our close friends and fans.
Your musical influences
The Beatles. Need I say more? Really, we like music of all genres, but we're rather picky on our selections of who we think represents those given genres well. Basically though, if its good music - its good music, right?
What equipment do you use?
Apple laptop, a guitar, a keyboard, some pen and paper. Oh, and a microphone! (And sometimes Phillip brings his drums over, too!)
Anything else?
We appreciate any feedback that listeners would like to give us, we recognize that we are still new to producing music, and that sometimes we may sound rough around the edges, but we keep practising and we often incorporate constructive criticism into what we do while we strive to improve the quality of our songwriting and the production value of our music, so if you have an opinion, speak up, please...the worst that'll happen is we ignore you, right? LOL
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