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Jamie Mallender
Jamie Mallender
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Jamie Mallender played bass for former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin from 2005 to 2012. He has also released a solo EP of songs and instrumentals - "Tunes Fr
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Slip Away
Jamie Mallender is a session bass player who has toured half way round the world with former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin. He has also worked with 60's legend Dave Berry (Crying Game,) Steve Roberts from the UK Subs, Zal Cleminson from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band and top 10 polish recording artist, Zenon. He tours the UK playing guitars + bass with The Sharon Lewis Band, Zenon and ANTHEM, and is very proud to be playing bass for the exciting new metal band - Raven Lord who are signed to Mausoleum Records. In 2012 Jamie established The Academy Of Rock to further expand his teaching business. In November 2009, Jamie released a bass oriented instrumental solo album called "Return To Bass," which is available through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.... http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JamieMallender CDBaby describe the album as "A bass guitar oriented fusion, crossover, progressive, instrumental album featuring a mishmash of genres, time changes and mood swings with a loose Sci-Fi B-Movie feel - more musical journey than virtuoso showcase, nevertheless displaying impressive chops." Jamie has this to say about the album," In making "Return To Bass" I have ignored every formula in the book, every critic with an opinion of any kind and every opportunity to make it more commercially accessible. I have skipped from one genre to another and spliced musical styles together, always avoiding the obvious route. This album was not written to please anyone but me. Each track expresses how I felt at the time of recording, and goes on a musical journey that I enjoyed taking. It was not recorded to make a lot of money, or to make me famous. This album is my one finger answer to a music industry that needs a good old shake by the throat, and to all people who are happy to be spoon-fed manufactured music." All instruments on "Return To Bass" are played by Jamie himself. He also wrote and produced all tracks. Having a critically acclaimed solo instrumental album under his belt, one might expect Jamie to continue releasing albums in a similar style. However, having spent a year on the road with Eaglesque singing intricate harmonies and even some leads, Jamie found his interest in singing and songwriting had been revitalised. He dug out his old demos and found "The Free Download EP" which was available on MySpace a few years ago, for a limited time only. The most popular track from that recording was, "Don't Let It Slip Away." So, Jamie re-recorded the track giving it the Mothership studios treatment, shortened the name and here it is. Written and recorded by Jamie Mallender, also featuring Jamie on all instruments and all voices. In March 2011 Jamie decided to make his home studio commercially available for select commercial jobs, but had to change the name to Starbug Studios due to a certain mildly famous guitarist having stolen his studio name! Jamie's most recent release is the "Tunes From The Mothership" EP. CD Baby describes the 6 track EP as, "Hook-laden, melodic, intelligently written songs, crammed with the exemplary musicianship and unmistakable, inspiring vocals one has come to expect from this 1st rate session man/side-man to the stars. The bass playing is as expected - out of this world." "In November 2009, Jamie released his debut album, "Return To Bass," an instrumental offering which was a huge critical if not commercial success. Now he's back with "Tunes From The Mothership." An EP comprising of 6 tracks, 4 of which feature his unmistakable Bolanesque/Tom Petty influenced vocals, the remaining 2 tracks being stunning instrumentals. The songs are very intelligently wriiten and packed to the brim with great melodies, harmonies and dazzling playing. Captivating, often moving and at times - thought provoking, this release covers an awful lot of musical territories and breaks boundaries, whilst keeping the songs hook-laden and within the "don't bore us get to the chorus" scheme of things. Once again Jamie is wearing ALL the hats - Writing, producing, engineering, singing and playing all instruments. He's showcasing his outstanding bass guitar playing once again here, yet he's never OTT with the flash, always underpinning the song but ripping it up where called for. The effortless fretless playing on "Protest Song" is worthy of particular note, and the tasty mix of styles on display in the instrumental, "The Order of Crayons," is something else. It also turns out that Jamie is no slouch on the 6 string, ripping out tremendous tasty solos throught the closing instrumental "False Promises And Pedalboards," and for the cover of "Runnin' Down A Dream," he's recreated a lot of the original solo but added in a few ideas of his own. All round, this is a very pleasing and exciting release which sets the bar pretty high and defines Jamie Mallender - the artist."
What equipment do you use?
Fret-King, Hartke, Vintage, Ernie Ball Musicman Bongo, Rotosound, Danelectro, Snap Jack.
Anything else?
www.jamiemallender.co.uk www.youtube.com/user/jamiemal www.myspace.com/jamiemallendersoloartist www.twitter.com/jamiemallender www.facebook.com/jamiemallendermusic www.reverbnation.com/jamiemallender www.cdbaby.com/cd/mallenderjamie www.imradio.com/jamiemallender www.youlicense.com/artist/JamieMallender www.last.fm/user/jamiemallender
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