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Faided of the BTB
Faided of the BTB
3 Tracks
The Smoke$hop Click is an up and coming Record Lable. We rap and all the above
I need 2 Slowdown
I been doin this
All about the dollar
Smoke$hop Click TV
The B.T.B. has been around since 2001. Faided, Yung Twist, Hytman, DJ Lee, & Nigga-B are all members of the Smoke$hop Click. Yung Twist is a "Real M.C." that is a Lyrical monster, He has recorded about six albums and still hungry for more, his older Brother "Hytman" is a Great Producer/M.C./Engineer. He also went to college and graduated with a Masters degree. DJ Lee is a Producer/Engineer/Rapper that only gets better as time goes on. DJ Lee & Nigga-B just recorded an album called " For the Left of the Map" with the hit single "Rooly Poe" so look out for that!! Faided is the founder of the Big Time Ballaz he is a Gangsta Rapper/M.C./Producer/Engineer. Faided & Yung Twist pulled the group together back when they were living in Apple Valley Ca. going to A.V.H.S. They were both known around the city for doing music before they met. The whole B.T.B. grew up together as a Family, Faided's house was known as the Hangout spot, But they did a whole lot more than just hang out. Because of there past they refere to themself's as the Smoke$hop Click. No matter what they did they always came back to music. They are Product's of the West Coast Finest to be just Up & Coming. They dont have a sertain sound and thats what make's them so Universal. Faided also Call's himself the "Street Legend" because he feel's that he can go almost anywhere and blend in. They all have very different styles when it comes to Rappin but also very unique. They dont just do it for Money & Fame, They really do it for the Love of game "Hip Hop"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
only time i Play live is when im making music
Your musical influences
Just Music itself
What equipment do you use?
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