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the genesis acappella
the genesis acappella
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we comprise of 5 young guys doing acappella music.
Proud to be Nigerian
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thank am
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oluwa iwo loto
Peak position #66
tell the story
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count your blessings
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The Genesis acappella is one of the greatest upcoming bands in Nigeria and are known for their unique style of music coupled with the exciting dance steps that back up the singing at their concerts.the band has travelled the lenght and breath of the country bringing joy to many.
Band/artist history
The Genesis acappella is a 5-man group that started 1996 in lagos,Nigeria in africa.we are all in our early 20s we have featured on our local t.v and radio several times and travelled around nigeria where we live at the moment.our music is known by its unique african groove and fascinating dance steps performed before live audiences (we basically do gospel music).the group holds a lot of hope for the future anticipating that someone would find them and help bring their wildest dreams to reality.the music is something the world is yet to know-taking acappella to a new level.so are you a promoter, a record label or even just an entrepenure? then this is your chance for a big deal with the GENESIS ACAPPELLA. starting as a group of six friends in a local choir in lagos, we were faced with the extreme harsh conditions especially as artistes in nigeria.this led to the drop out of several members and the admission of new ones till the present squad.thou we appered on t.v on stations like AIT etc, it was until the year 2000 that we featured in a video with one the popular Nigerian gospel artiste,Kingsley ike.The song in which we featured was written and composed by the genesis, titled "thank am".that track became the hit track of that album which did well commercially in nigeria.then it was produced under the kennis music label.our own album is yet to be out due to the very low standard of our record studios and labels which lack the fascilities required to produce the kind of internationally acceptable standard we desire.the names and members and roles of the members are:agwa paul-lead vocalist/contra alto,solomon james-treble,sunday james-baritone,damilola olajide-tenor,udeme gabriel-bass, mrs odusote-matron.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play live prefarebly due to dance steps. Anywhere can be a stage for any acappella band. We love live performances. A special moment was at a concert at the Nationak stadium in Lagos, 2001.
Your musical influences
take 6, black mombasa of soth africa, boyz 2 men, the acappella, the ambassadors, westlife.
What equipment do you use?
we can do without instruments except otherwise when we do R&B we use the keyboard abd/or drums.
Anything else?
we are really in need of a promoter and/or a record label anywhere in the world.call today and lets talk.
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