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Eat Cows feet, read the Bible and don't drink rum: The last surviving subject of Queen Victoria has died. I guess the Victorian era is well and truly over now. 117-year old Violet Mosse-Browne died in Jamaica last Friday. Born in 1900 Mrs Mosse-Brown said in an interview one her secrets to long life was "eating cows feet, not drinking rum and reading the Bible". RIP Violet. I hope HRH Victoria was there waiting to give you a hug.
Eric Heisman and the Formation
Researching audio CD labeling options: I dug into the songs Dave and i have produced since January 2016 to compose a cd to maybe produce. the editing got done rather honestly. all cut were more lacking in performance, best representation of the compositions, sort of thing. i do think all were at a level to make the final disc, they are demos, but they are well done. i took the disc over to Dave's to show him, and hopefully have him master the disc, particularly to boost three or four tunes to the level of the rest. He got right on i...
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