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1   dj marsul's station   play lo-fi  
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5 songs by 3 bands.
2   Deutsch-Rap   Guter Deutscher Rap play lo-fi  
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18 songs by 16 bands. Fav station of 2 users.
3   the best of August/september 10   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
6 songs by 6 bands. Fav station of 1 users.
4   MiXXery   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
16 songs by 16 bands.
5   da best   music play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
17 songs by 6 bands.
6   shay06's station   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
16 songs by 16 bands.
7   MCcrackhead's station   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
22 songs by 4 bands.
8   Schweinfurt HipHop   play lo-fi  
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41 songs by 16 bands.

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Def Starz
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:: featured band
Motive Ate Me
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "(NEW!!!) Event Horizon (Prod. by Rhapsodist Beats)"
Bay Area, California hiphop @MotiveAteMe
Christian Rap
play lo-fi play hi-fi "I'm The Least of These"
If it's hot then give God the glory. If it's not then blame me.
Nate da Quiet Storm
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "26"
southern rapper,southern producerI would deeply appreciate your feedback. If I'm gon speak da truth I need to hear the truthFREE Downloadswww.soundclick.comsoufhouseI made 26 download jackin fo' beatz 1 & 2 @ www.mixtapepass.comjackinfobeatz
Mac D Beats
Hardcore Rap
play lo-fi play hi-fi "*NEW* Cash Flow"
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Ancient Mind
Alternative Hip Hop
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Rasta Clear The Way"
Hailing from America's bubbling East Coast is rising emcee Ancient Mind, whom has allowed age to be no boundary in showing the World that both he and his strong conscious message are here to stay. Originally the singer of Connecticut reggae gro..



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