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1   dj marsul's station   play lo-fi  
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5 songs by 3 bands.
2   Deutsch-Rap   Guter Deutscher Rap play lo-fi  
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18 songs by 16 bands. Fav station of 2 users.
3   the best of August/september 10   play lo-fi  
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6 songs by 6 bands. Fav station of 1 users.
4   MiXXery   play lo-fi  
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16 songs by 16 bands.
5   da best   music play lo-fi  
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17 songs by 6 bands.
6   shay06's station   play lo-fi  
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16 songs by 16 bands.
7   MCcrackhead's station   play lo-fi  
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22 songs by 4 bands.
8   Schweinfurt HipHop   play lo-fi  
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41 songs by 16 bands.

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Tony Fadd
Blowin Swishers (Free D/L)
New School
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Promo Song of the Day
MSimp Music
play lo-fi play hi-fi "THAT BOOMBAP FUNK - msimpmusic.com"
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:: featured band
syx synce
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Greatest Of All"
Let's make a toast to HipHop and The Underground......
Jae B. Tundra
Positive Vibes
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Holly (prod. by Royal Beatz)"
Jae B. Tundra is a lyrical conscious rapper and also really enjoys making Love Songs. His main reason for making music is to strive to create a positive impact in the world through his music and make it a better place.
Hardcore Rap
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Last Dayz FEAT Kkay and Black China"
burning fire
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Pass the Groove"
Coming from a score of many inspirations the LP is a classic combination of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Neo Soul putting it without a doubt in a league of its own.
Geisha Goonies
Alternative Hip Hop
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Zombie Zoo - Grape Vines"
Zombie Zoo is two artists Halfbreed and Gee Major that met up in Japan and have been making music ever since. With a solid fan base in Japan they are looking to get their music further out into the world. There isn't really a way to describe their ..



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