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1   dj marsul's station   play lo-fi  
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5 songs by 3 bands.
2   Deutsch-Rap   Guter Deutscher Rap play lo-fi  
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18 songs by 16 bands. Fav station of 2 users.
3   the best of August/september 10   play lo-fi  
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6 songs by 6 bands. Fav station of 1 users.
4   MiXXery   play lo-fi  
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16 songs by 16 bands.
5   da best   music play lo-fi  
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17 songs by 6 bands.
6   shay06's station   play lo-fi  
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16 songs by 16 bands.
7   MCcrackhead's station   play lo-fi  
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22 songs by 4 bands.
8   Schweinfurt HipHop   play lo-fi  
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41 songs by 16 bands.

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:: featured band
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "WE BALL.mp3"
DJ Ryan Kenton
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "*HIP-HOP* Band Man"
The hottest beats on the market! Industry standard bangers for the lowest prices!
Jae B. Tundra
Positive Vibes
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Holly (prod. by Royal Beatz)"
Jae B. Tundra is a lyrical conscious rapper and also really enjoys making Love Songs. His main reason for making music is to strive to create a positive impact in the world through his music and make it a better place.
T1 Amazn
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Fell Apart"
An up and coming Hop Hop artist for Fort Smith, Arkansas, who has been recording since 2006. He has work with Sims of VillainHero.
Big Trit
Hardcore Rap
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Aint No Puppet FEAT Scheme D"
Big Trit is a upcoming artist from Jacksonville FL. I have opened for Blaze and Boondox, ABK, D.J. Clay and Hopsin. Check out my facebook page at httpwww.facebook.comBigTritOfficial



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