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1   dj marsul's station   play lo-fi  
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5 songs by 3 bands.
2   Deutsch-Rap   Guter Deutscher Rap play lo-fi  
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18 songs by 16 bands. Fav station of 2 users.
3   the best of August/september 10   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
6 songs by 6 bands. Fav station of 1 users.
4   MiXXery   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
16 songs by 16 bands.
5   da best   music play lo-fi  
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17 songs by 6 bands.
6   shay06's station   play lo-fi  
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16 songs by 16 bands.
7   MCcrackhead's station   play lo-fi  
play hi-fi  
22 songs by 4 bands.
8   Schweinfurt HipHop   play lo-fi  
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41 songs by 16 bands.

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Hip Hop
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Promo Song of the Day
ALLROUNDA Productions
play lo-fi play hi-fi download "(new) .:: WORK IT ::. (Free DL!)"
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:: featured band
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Rims"
Chicago is here to stay!! Much love to all our people around the globe!
Mac D Beats
Hardcore Rap
play lo-fi play hi-fi "*NEW* Cash Flow"
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Clint Rogue
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "I Believe"
Clint Rogue is a HipHop artist from Texas with a sound as diverse as his story. He combines the perfect mixture of lyricism and charisma with the discipline that only the Marine Corps could instill.
CityBoi IG
New School
play lo-fi play hi-fi "That Look( by.City Boi )Prd.by City Boi"
City BoiIG is a versatile artist. He can blow you away with his wordplay or exceptional skill as a producer. With a gritty delivery he is able to take you places in his music.
Slo Gin
Hip Hop General
play lo-fi play hi-fi "Fog up tha room"
Upcoming producer, artist, songwriter, and hookster from the memphis, tn area.Don't sleep on a musical king!1up



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