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play hi-fi Gunnthrain Psychedelic Rock
( dark ) ambientesque otherwordly surreal experimental atmospheric aural experiences
play hi-fi He Who Speaks In Silence Ambient
ambient experimental ( aural ) experiences
play hi-fi Ecce Homo Pietoso Ambient
( droney ) experimental, ambientesque soundscapes - soothing and misleading
play hi-fi Seelenruhe Ambient
from experimental atmospheric ( drones ) to musique concrete
play hi-fi The Johannes Breeuwsma Museum Acoustic Folk
a few acoustic pictures taken from a troubled life, and more
play hi-fi The Ports Of Amsterdam ( Field.. Minimal
gloomy, cinematesque fieldrecordings of the ports of Amsterdam - 1984
play hi-fi Nachtwyn Ambient
an ode to nightly winds - omnipotent, soothing and slightly gloomy

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