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play lo-fi play hi-fi 4MULAH Hardcore Rap
play lo-fi play hi-fi Bruce Wayne Derr Rock n Roll
My name Is Bruce Wayne Derr. I make records. It's all me. Sometimes a friend pops in to lay down some harmony or some shizzle, but mostly...it's just me.
play lo-fi play hi-fi Carolyn McSween Acoustic Folk
Listeners are touched by McSween's liquid vocal delivery and unique accoustic guitar style. The two elements blend together to form a startlingly rich sound for the singer-songwriter...performing on stage with just her voice and acoustic guitar.
play lo-fi play hi-fi Cho-Kahn MiWang Spoken Word
Tight shit but,needs better producing
play lo-fi play hi-fi DePotorLand Progressive Rock
play lo-fi play hi-fi earl pickens and family Folk
"rain cloud, hang around" is the new album from Pennsylvania-based alt-folksters Earl Pickens & Family. 9 songs by Earl Pickens and 1 song (Kiss it All Goodbye) by Earl Pickens & Steve Lambert (Roman Holliday). Recorded & produced by Bruce W. Derr (Marah
play lo-fi play hi-fi Ebircs-ALbum1 Hip Hop
play lo-fi play hi-fi fred World in Sound Progressive Rock
fred was rediscovered in 2000 by World In Sound who found their 45 rpm single Salvation Lady/a love song (Arpeggio Records 1971) at a German flea market. World In Sound signed the group and has since released 3 fred albums.
play lo-fi play hi-fi Global Citizen Folk Rock
play lo-fi play hi-fi Jeremy Horning Folk Rock
Independent singer/songwriter, home recording artist
play lo-fi play hi-fi Mike Allen (USA) Dance
My name's Michael, but for the purpose of having my music identified by something outside of my own name, you can call me Mike Allen. I make everything from hard rock to symphonic music, with dance and electronic music being my main points of focus.
play lo-fi play hi-fi Original American Country Country General
Original American Country is devoted to bringing ORIGINAL AMERICAN COUNTRY artists to fans worldwide.
play lo-fi play hi-fi Roadlash Alternative Metal
play lo-fi play hi-fi Steve Bowman Acoustic Folk
play lo-fi play hi-fi ThaMaddRappa aka Rip-Tha-Jacka Hip Hop General
sum ill shit
play lo-fi play hi-fi The Front Porch Country Band Country General
The Front Porch Country Band...The Most Listened-To Country Recording Artists WORLDWIDE since September 2002, on the world's largest online music subscriber, MP3.com.
play lo-fi play hi-fi USAgency Entertainment Divisio.. Country General
USAgency Entertainment Division introduces talented new artists to the music industry every year. Most recently USAgency Entertainment introduced the Music Industry to the country rockin' style of The Front Porch Country Band and the acoustic vocal..
play lo-fi play hi-fi Young Saint - Hellraiser Recor.. Hip Hop General

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